Saturday, September 8, 2012


Ch 6:

Okay; it's the morning after.  Breakfast has been eaten, and C is about to drive her home.  And she glances at him...'he is his usual polite, slightly distant self...' and if confused.  WHY?  This makes no sense.

On the way to her home, C receives many phone calls, all on speaker phone, and very short and to the point.  Then his brother calls.  He rolls his eyes....really?  If he's focused on the road, how can she see his eyes?  Okay; maybe this is doable; I don't know.

She secretly call him a stalker.....he tries to tell her he won't kiss her again unless it's 'premeditated' (who talks like this, anyway?)....How can she smile at someone and bite her lip at the same time?

K asks if anything happened.  Why is A suddenly irritable, then envious, since her friend DID have sex?  Make up your mind, lady.  You're RELIEVED nothing 'happened'!  And why are you in shame because he's reserved?  I'd still be in a dreamlike frame of mind.....

He picks her up the next day for their date.  Then she muses he's 'telepathic', since she's obviously gazing around the elevator.  But when they reach the helicopter and she sees the logo, she wonders about the misuse of company property.'s HIS company!  He doesn't have a 'boss' to report to, or explain why he's borrowing the company helicopter!

And since I've never been in a 'copter, I don't know if the description on pages 87-92 are accurate or not.

The closer they get to his home, the more anxious she gets, and 'hopes she won't let him down', that he 'won't find me lacking'.  Yeah, I'm always concerned about this....

On pg 94, why does she admit she knows nothing about wine?  Just say 'Yes, please'!!!

And the whole 'sign the non-disclosure agreement' exchange made me want to pitch the book out the window.  And so does her reaction to his mention of 'playroom'.

I had to take another three day hiatus from this book!  Getting ready to tackle Ch 7.  I'm currently out of town, doing a three-day festival.  It rained last night, so I spent the evening catching up with a good friend:)

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