Thursday, September 6, 2012

Promo Check Up

Currently Reading:  LOVED The Senator's Wife by Karen Robards!  Recommended Read:)  Now diving into The Red Queen by Phillipa Gregory (I slogged through The White Queen a year or so ago).  E-book-wise, I'm still reading Right Where I Need To Be by Wendy Zwaduk:)  

BWSNBN:  I've had to take a few days off before plowing through Ch. 7.  Yes, I had issues with Ch 6; I'll report back later.  I wanted to pitch the book out the window, but contained myself.

I love the people of Washington, Indiana.


1)  The BWSNBN (see previous posts if this is your 1st time here or see above picture) draws them in like insects to a bright light.
     -"Ooooh, I'm reading that/wanting to read that/my bff is reading that!"
     -"Oooooohh, have you read that?"  (reads sign)  "Oh, you have something similar?"
     -"Ooooohhh, can I have your card?  I'm always looking for new books."
     -"Oooh, you've written HOW many books?  Congratulations!  How'd you get started?"
     -"Ooooh, I just got a kindle/nook!  Cool!"

2)  They READ, plus invited me back for next year!

And one woman was excited when she saw my CD's, but was disappointed they weren't audio.

"I'm going on vacation in a few days and was looking for new audio books to play in the car."  (Guess I need to investigate this media???)

Contrast this with the Vendor Blender 2010 (granted, I didn't have said book yet):
     -"Oh, okay."
     -"You're not in print?  Darn."
     -Looks at table, then states, "I don't read' when asked.

So fellow authors, if you're up to shelling out your hard-earned royalties for this BWSNBN, it's a wonderful promo tool!  And right now, the only other BDSM book I own in print is Brynn Paulin's Brotherly Bonds, so I have it on hand as an example of 'better story, better writing.'  I've written down her name and title on the back of many of my cards.

If you like public appearances, try this approach and see if your sales improve.  I'll find out in a few months whether or not this is actually working in my favor....but at the moment, I'm thrilled with the traffic I'm getting!

I'm getting ready to head for the old neighborhood again; this time, different town and larger festival (3 days).  I've done well at this festival in past years, so hope the weather cooperates; foot traffic is good; BWSNBN continues to bring people over; and the wind doesn't blow my tent over.  I'll report back again next week:)


Fran Lee said...

Wow, have more gumption than I do, trekking all over the place for book-signings and stuff. Good luck on all your projects.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Fran:)

artlover said...

You wear me out just reading about ia.... but good for you! Wish I had your energy

Jean Hart Stewart said...

Molly, my e-mail is to loused up. Don't know how my ID changed, but I'm artlover and wanted to congratulate you on all your ventures. Jean

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Jean:) Yes, doing all these festivals is time-consuming, but I enjoy it, especially since I can promo all of you:)