Monday, September 17, 2012

Finally Something I Can Relate To!

Welcome to Part 7 of the BWSNBN critique:)

Chapter 11 begins with a detailed contract, which in other BDSM books is more of a verbal agreement.  And I was thrilled to again find honest emotions on page 175.  But I then turned the page and wanted to gag.  Why?

"My inner goddess"  begs "please, let's do this" as she doesn't want to be the little old lady with all the cats.'re 22!  Just because you turn down this opportunity doesn't mean you're screwed for life!  Let's be real here.

I LOVE the flirtation emails from pp 182-186!  Even though she 'flushes' a few times.

Ch 12:
She's done the research on submissive, and is so appalled, she goes for a run, 'blushing' at the memory of what she's seen, and wonders if the reason behind his demands is attributed to his 1st experience?  Ummm, yeah, I already figured that out.  What took HER so long?  Oh yeah...the fact we're only on Ch 12 of the 1st book in this series....

She sends him a 'nice knowing you' email, then her 'medulla oblongata' shows up again.  Who the hell thinks in medical terms in a ROMANCE novel, unless they're in the MEDICAL field??  And just to be clear, here's what that particular region of the brain is:

The medulla oblongata is a portion of the hindbrain that controls autonomic functions such as breathing, digestionheart and blood vessel function, swallowing and sneezing. Motor and sensoryneurons from the midbrain and forebrain travel through the medulla. As a part of the brainstem, the medulla oblongata helps in the transferring of messages between various parts of the brain and the spinal cord.

C shows up to find out why she sent him that email, and after 'flushing', he talks her into a light bondage.  And on pg 193, I'm grossed out when he offers her wine by-how can I put this delicately- he takes the wine in his mouth, then dribbles it into hers ala Papa Bird to Baby Bird.  (And then, to add to the YUCK factor, I read the same kind of scene in a desperate seduction attempt scene in The Pact by Jodi Picoult.  Am I missing something?  Is this supposed to be sexy?)

Pg 198:  She 'blushes crimson' when he asks her if she's jealous of his previous partners, because he's still good friends with #1.

Pg 202:  A tells K a little of what's going on, and K pegs him:  "He has commitment issues."

Negotiation of contract via email, then she's 'intimidated' when he uses 'shouty capitals' in last email.  But she obeys him and goes to bed.  Step #1 of the 'training'??

*Note:  I read these chapters on Wednesday, and have pre-posted this on Saturday.  By the time the next two chapters will have been read, four days will have elapsed.  In the meantime, I've finished The Pact and have moved onto Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult.


Cara Marsi said...

Thanks for the critiques. I suspect your critiques are more entertaining than The Book That Shall Not Be Named.

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) Thanks Cara! I try to be entertaining....wait til you see the next installment. I HAD to be sarcastic; otherwise I'd have hurled it under the passing train when I was reading it!

Fiona McGier said...

Thanks for giving me so many reasons NOT to bother reading this trite crap! I work 2 jobs and write/blog, so my time is too limited to read badly-written books.

Molly Daniels said...

You're very welcome Fiona:)

Marci Baun said...

And it vindicates my decision after reading less than two pages that I would not be able to finish it. (g)


Molly Daniels said...

@ Marci: If it wasn't the fact I'm committed to reading this, I'd throw it away. I know I'm not going to read the other two.

Carrie said...

As for the wine thing. I'm not sure, though I see it referenced in some cases in Animes. In one instance, the idea is used to get a girl to kiss him (as in, "Hey, I'm too weak to take the antidote, pass it to me through your mouth. She sees through this and what she does is really funny!), and the other time I did see this idea used was that the other person was too weak to drink an antidote, lol!

All I could think of - why wouldn't anyone be choking? Seriously!

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