Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback Friday: New Home, New Issues

Sept 1992:
The pool closed, and I soon had our new 2 bedroom apartment looking homey.  I also began baby-sitting T (3 months) and B (4 yrs), and quickly established a routine with the two babies.  The 4 y/o went to preschool three times a week, so all I had to do was pick him up in the afternoons until his mom got home from work.  She worked as an EMT, so it soon became her habit to eat dinner with us.  I never knew when the spouse was going to show up, so she provided adult conversation in the evenings!  I'd also begun attending church with new friends, though I strongly disagreed with some of their teachings.  I thought I could get along with anyone, but disaster was brewing....and would come to a head the following month.  And in the meantime, my new friends grated on D's nerves, since he was a devout Catholic, who refused to attend a church other than his own, even though he hadn't been in years.

My friend B and I decided to take a road trip to Vincennes, to show off our new babies.  The spouse was NOT pleased, and it sparked a bit of a rebellion in me.  So I didn't object when B and her friends decided to eat dinner down there, my ex-BF and his new wife among them.  Ever see someone again after a few years and wonder 'what the hell happened to you'?  And saw another ex who informed me his feelings toward me hadn't changed.  I held my ground and didn't give into temptation.

But when I got home, you'd have thought I was twelve.  And like an idiot, I let him rant until he shut up.

But the rebellion began to fester.....

Next Month:  K's first Halloween:)

Present Day:
Great night at karaoke!  Pissed off the SU by 'blowing curfew' (came home at 1:20 instead of 12:30), but he'll get over it.  It was the Billie/Molly/Melissa (aka Karaoke Queens) Show, and sang nine songs apiece before Mel and I had to leave.  Here's what I sang:
-Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol):  Ugh.  Waaaayyy too low.  Crossing this one off!

-What About Love (Heart):  Nailed it!  Even the high notes!  Why can't I do that every week?

-Closer You Get (Alabama):  Ugh.  Just can't sing Alabama.  Crossing this one off too.

-What's Up (4 Non Blondes):  Not bad for the 1st time singing this!  Keeping this one, and fighting Billie over it, lol!

-Separate Ways (Journey):  Nailed it!  Which gives me hope when Don't Stop Believin' comes up!

-Making Love Out Of Nothing At All (Air Supply):  Not bad; Mel took the low notes and I sang the high ones.  Loved this song in HS, but probably will only ever do this again on slow nights!

-Midnight Blue (Melissa Manchester):  This one had been in my head all day for whatever reason.  Wasn't bad; just too low in spots.

-Listen To Your Heart (Roxette):  Nailed this one also!  And received cheers and whistles for my efforts:)  Another keeper!

-I'd Lie For You (Meatloaf):  Did better, but blew it on the bridge, which is my favorite part of the whole damn song!  Couldn't believe I did that.

Probably won't get to go next week; the spouse will be out of town, but Billie won't have the night off.  So unless I can coerce beg go with someone else, I'll be practicing for the next time.

Have a good weekend and come back Monday for more BWSNBN!

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