Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ch. 9: 'Morning After'

Brief Recap of BWSNBN:
A meets C; drunk-dials him; vomits in his presence; wakes up in his hotel room; then agrees to spend the weekend with him.  She's appalled by his 'playroom', yet oddly enough, still wants to sleep with him.  He's horrified by her virgin status, so he decides to 'get it over with'.  Two condoms are used, though he only disposes of one, and they fall asleep in each other's arms.

P.125:  A phrase is used twice in back to back lines, something my editor clearly frowns on....Then she's appalled by the many clothes in his closet.  a) You're not his mother and b) the man is a BILLIONAIRE, so why do you care?  Jealous, maybe, because he has a better wardrobe than you?  Maybe the man grew up with only one or two nice things to wear and is over-compensating?  Same with the 'too much space' in the apartment.  Shut up and enjoy it.

P. 127:  She's decided to cook him breakfast.  And puts the bacon 'under the grill'.  The only way I know how to make bacon is to fry it.  So any cooks out there, please enlighten me???? 9:30am:  I asked the spouse about this and he proceeded to inform me of the many ways bacon can be cooked:)  So I stand corrected, lol!  And what the hell is 'designer stubble'?

P. 128:  If you're embarrassed, how can you suspect you've turned 'puce'?  Isn't that a shade of GREEN?

P. 129:  She wonders why he's so concerned about her being've been intimate with him!!!!  He's showing he cares, idiot!  Then first she 'snaps' at him, then is 'too sweet'.  So....I'm guessing sarcasm is being used?  I'd say she's being snarky.  And how can someone eat and chew on their lip at the same time?  Beside the obvious 'accidental' one that hurts like hell....

P. 130:  She's concerned about her clothes, and he's offered to buy them.  She's not was clearly stated in his RULES, and you chose to sleep with him, so there you have it.  And his issues with wasted food?  Again, maybe he was taught 'waste not, want not', or grew up poor and therefore, eating everything you've made is important to him.

I take several issues with the bath scene.  First of all, 'his erection is above the water line'?  If a guy's giving me a bath, and is in there with me, the water had better be up to my chest.  Secondly, she's never done oral before, but now she's a 'natural' and swallows w/o hesitation?  I'm sorry; I think not.  And I'm with C; where the hell is her gag reflex?  Mine triggered just by reading this.

P. 142:  I'm sorry, but if my lover were to whisper 'Thank fuck' after coming, I'd question his vocabulary...

Ch 10:

P. 145:  She meets his mother, who MURMURS her introduction?  Ah, no.  Any mother would be more confident.  Esp if her title is 'Doctor'.

Then J calls, and we are told he 'whines'.  Why?

P. 147:  A is baffled at C's sudden change of attitude. took a call from a potential rival, and told him you'd call him later.  He has a right to his jealousy.

P. 150:  She's worried about signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement.  So swear K to secrecy!!!  You don't have to tell her EVERYTHING!

P. 154 Finally, we get some insight on C.  His first lover was a Dom, so he was obviously humiliated by the experience, so he's followed in her footsteps and thinks this is normal.

P. 155 She asks him if he'll be ordering her around all the time (duh!) and when he says she'll want him to, she thinks 'I highly doubt it.'  He's spelled out his terms; you either accept it or reject it.  You ain't gonna change him!

P. 158:  Why the hell does she admit to wearing his underwear?

And enough with J's whining!

I read this on Tuesday, and as of this morning, am 2/3 of the way through Jodi Picoult's The Pact.  I'll probably post Ch. 11 and 12 on Saturday or Monday.


Anonymous said...

Eewww I'm sorry... wearing his underwear...

Look, I wouldn't wear hubs and I seriously doubt he'd wear mine either. That was gross.

Liz said...

molly, you make my day every time you do this. It's cathartic really, given how bloody popular this crap is.
love ya

AJ Best said...

My darling child - I refuse to cook bacon on the stove top because of bacon grease burns, so...I put it on a cookie sheet, turn the heat to 415 and cook for about 15 min. No flipping no mess, mmm mmm good!

Amber Skyze said...

Why are you putting yourself through such torture?? ;)

Molly Daniels said...

@A: I don't know why the author felt the need for the heroine to admit to wearing them...I guess turning her own inside out was too gross for publication? And I can see borrowing his underwear, but ADMITTING it? Nah.

@Liz: LOL:) I'm sooo glad you're getting a good laugh out of this! I'm always happy to brighten up someone's day:)

Molly Daniels said...

@AJ: Yeah, hubby enlightened me about the many ways to cook bacon:)

@Amber: I'm providing a public service to those who've chucked it across the room? It's so bad I just couldn't contain myself!

Fiona McGier said...

I'm weeping tears of anguish since everything that you've posted further convinces me that life's too short to waste reading this badly-written book. Especially since I so pain-stakingly edit and re-edit my own books. But the author is counting her butt-load of money all the way to the bank so she doesn't care!

Have you heard what she DOES care about? A woman in England had started a home-party company and was referencing FSOG, selling "light" bondage toys and lingerie. She's been contacted by the author's attorneys and told things like "It's illegal to attempt to make money from someone else's ideas". The comments on the article from the Mirror are hilarious! Things like "Hypocritical much?" And "Stephanie Meyers ought to know how you think!"

Molly Daniels said...

@Fiona: OMFreakingG....that's another reason I've not mentioned 'this' book....why give her more search engine optimization?

Janice Seagraves said...

It wasn't that long ago that skinny women wearing boys underwear was considered sexy. Like Cameron Diaz dancing in Charlie's Angels wearing nothing but little boys jocks and t-shirt.

I just thought it looked stupid.


Molly Daniels said...

@Janice: I'd forgotten about that:)