Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Celebrity Status???

Currently Reading:  Still reading Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult, and enjoying it:)  E-book-wise, I 'skimmed' (read is too strong a word) Learning To Bend and Curling Up.  I was a little disappointed in CU; I'd first seen the cover and blurb and even one excerpt, and couldn't wait to buy it.  And did, finally, three years later.  But when I read it, it wasn't the book I thought I'd remembered.  And LTB....I guess I wasn't in the mood for explicit sex.  So now I'm reading Anny Cook's Alpheli Solutions.  And right off the bat, I can tell this isn't going to be one of my favorites, but I'm still enjoying it.  Brings some insights to the Vampire World:)  (And the writing is better than the other two e-books I tried to read!  I'm not normally this critical of books, but there has to be a reason they were on my TBB list for so long...)

I've had two incidents in the last week where I've been recognized:

1) Last Tues, at our weekly writer's meeting, we met a new member.  When I introduced myself  and told her my pen names, she frowned and said, "Kenzie Michaels...I think I've heard of you."

I said, "It might be someone else; I'm not that well known yet."

"I just bought a book by that author; what are your titles?"

"Teacher's Pet has been my best seller so far."

"Teacher's Pet! That's the book I bought. Can hardly wait to start reading it."

I had my laptop open, and clicked over to Amazon to bring up the cover, then showed it to her.

"There are a few books with that title...is this the cover?"

"YES! OMG....That's YOU? WOW!"

2)  The spouse was approached by a local Kirby Vacuum dealer, and he agreed to a free carpet cleaning.  We already own a Kirby, so we're VERY knowledgeable about that contraption, plus my FIL sold and repaired them.

Anyway, I answered the door yesterday, and the guy and I stare at each other, not sure of how we know one another.  We finally decided we'd seen each other at Office Max.  But during the conversation, I wasn't satisfied with OM and kept asking questions.  And when I mentioned karaoke, it hit him.

"OMG...you're the girl who sang I Remember You last week!  I KNEW I'd seen you somewhere!"

And his partner had heard me sing Wanted Dead Or Alive many times before that.

So I guess I'm getting a bit 'known' around town....and not just by my Chamber of Commerce connections....

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