Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monrovia Festival

Since there was a threat of severe weather on Friday night, I opted not to set up.  I did check in with the coordinator and found my slot, then went to spend the evening with friends.  This is me on Saturday; I was reading Ch 8 of the BWSNBN, and you can see the traveling bookshelf behind me.  This is also Kenzie's side of the booth:)

My Arbor U side:)  Sandra Cox's magnets are displayed, with my box of various author's postcards and business cards behind the picture frame, anchoring it down in the wind.  The only time I can put out postcards is when I'm indoors, or there is no breeze.  This year has been a windy one; that's why my sign up sheet has a book on it, to hold it down!

The backside of the bookshelf.  I was in front of a cafe, with the exit to my left.  So I caught a lot of people's attention as they were exiting the restaurant.  And the owners very nicely let me use the facilities anytime I wanted....and even had my Irish Cream creamer for my morning coffee!

My friend Tammy stopped by and chatted with me for about 2 hours; she'd loved Love Finds A Way and was more than happy to sing my praises to anyone who expressed interest:)

Taylor, the 14-y/o granddaughter of the soap-maker in the next booth.  She's a born saleswoman (her grandmother had a VERY profitable weekend thanks to her!) and wanted to read Love On The Rocks during her 'down' time.  I'd already bought a jar of body butter from her and wanted the shimmer, but they were sold out.  But as they were packing up to leave, Taylor unearthed another jar.  We did an even swap, since she wanted to read LOTR again more slowly, and was hoping her grandmother would download the rest of my series onto her Kindle, since T doesn't own one.

My friend Jan's house, where I stayed over the weekend.  I'm ready to move in and take over the basement!

This is the pool in the back yard.  I didn't get a chance to swim in it, due to arriving late Friday, and then the storms moving in.  So next year!!!


Jean Joachim said...

Love your pix! Thanks so much for displaying Sunny Days. Next time, try two-sided tape to keep business cards and trading cards from blowing away. Looks like you had fun and talked to a lot of readers. I just bought "Love Finds a Way", BTW!

Molly Daniels said...

That's a good idea Jean:) (head slap) Why didn't I think of that? My tablecloths are regular, while the ones on the bookshelf are the cheap plastic kind.

Hope you enjoy LFAW!

Janice Seagraves said...

Thank you for sharing your photos with us. Your friend Jan has a lovely home.

If I sat outside like that for hours, I'd have sweated off the sunblock and got a sunburn even under a shade.


Molly Daniels said...

Thankfully, I have a nice canopy to sit under:)