Friday, December 14, 2012

Flashback Friday: Birthday With Friends; Saying Goodbye To A Love One....and A Surprise

Dec 1982:
Since we were no longer spending every afternoon and weekends together, A and I gradually drifted apart.  We would meet for lunch, and go get a snack after school, but that was about it.  One day his blood sugar dropped and was sent home from school; I'm the one who went to his locker after school and took it to him.  His mom let me in; I went upstairs.  A opened his eyes long enough to say thank you, and promptly fell asleep again.  The next day he asked me if he'd dreamed I was there, and when I told him no; I'd really been there, he pulled me close for a brief hug in the hallway.

Basketball games had resumed, and our cheer block was allowed to wear pants instead of skirts, with our bright red sweaters.  I was thrilled; wearing a skirt and heels in snow is NOT something I'm fond of.  Especially when standing on bleachers, and expected to run onto the floor after a win!

The Friday before my birthday, B came up to me.

"Your birthday's this weekend, right?"

"Yes; why?"

He held out a Snicker bar.  "Happy birthday in advance.  You coming to the game tonight?  They're televising it."

"I'll be there."

Our team won that night, and as I congratulated him afterward, he put his arms around me and hugged me.

"I was such an ass to you last year.  Are we still friends?"

"Of course, you idiot!  I've enjoyed seeing you between classes again.  Besides, can't be angry very long when you bring me chocolate."

"Okay.  Happy birthday again, and Merry Christmas."  He let go of me and we went our separate ways.

On Sunday, my Youth Group gathered at a friend's house, so my parents took me out Saturday night; gave me my presents before church, and after choir practice, I caught a ride to N's house, where we ate pizza, played pool, and watched football.  Dad picked me up around 8pm and I went home for ice cream and cake.

A few days after Christmas, however, we got the news my aunt had passed away.  The rest of vacation was spent shuttling back and forth to Indianapolis for the two days of viewing and the funeral.  My younger cousins were in awe that I was 'so old', but yet willing to hang out with them.  I guess 17 is 'old' to a ten year old!  I'd showed them A's picture, and my girl cousins sighed.

"He's sooooo cute!  Are you going to marry him?"

"Oh, no way.  We're just good friends."  And I didn't want to go through life constantly having to spell my last name, so there was no way I was taking A's last name, should that ever happen!  I had enough issues spelling my maiden name; I wanted to marry someone with an EASY last name.

Which is weird how things turn out; I ended up marrying a man with a very German last name, and I'm constantly spelling it!  So that's why I went with easy pen names, lol!

Present Day:
Come back tomorrow for a special weekend of prizes!  My fellow SCP authors and I are having a '5 Favorite Things' contest.  How to enter?  Simply leave a comment either here or on out Face Book Page, and you'll be in the drawing for a free book.  And since this is my birthday month, any comments I get on this blog this weekend will receive an extra-special surprise.  So come back tomorrow for the links and see my 5 Favorite Things!

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