Friday, December 21, 2012

Flashback Friday

Dec 1992:
Baby K was now walking!  In case I forgot to mention it last month, I'd gone to my grandmother's house and set K down by the nearest chair while I finished lugging everything inside.  To our utter amazement, the child took off across the floor and into his great-grandmother's waiting arms:)

"How In the Hell Do You DO This All Day?"
I had a doctor's appointment scheduled, so baby T's dad came to baby-sit for a few hours.  When I returned, refreshed for being child-free for a while, C looked worn out!

"I swear; you hadn't been out the door two minutes when K knocked over the tree; the phone rang; and T began crying.  I wasn't sure what to do first!"

I laughed.  "You pick up the tree, make sure K and T aren't hurt, then you console your son.  The call can go to voice mail!"  K scrambled off the couch and came running to greet me.

"It feels you've been gone longer than two hours; I need to go home and take a nap.  Hat's off to you, sweetie.  I don't think I could do this every day."

I'm not sure how my birthday was spent that year, but we spent Christmas Eve at my MIL's house, and K enjoyed ripping the paper off his gifts and seeing his new toys!

Present Day:
Had a great night last night at my Birthday Party:)  The weather was a little nasty; high winds and blowing snow, but a few people braved the cold and came out to Cincinnati Saloon.  Sang the following songs:

Danny's Song (Anne Murray):  Ugh.  Too low.  Did fine on the chorus though!

The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia (Reba or Vicki Lawrence):  Nailed it!  Video will be posted sometime this week.

Dark Lady (Cher):  Nailed it, and wish now I'd video'd it!  Next time....

Daydream Believer (Monkees):  Ugh.  Too low.

December 1963 (4 Seasons):  Didn't do too badly!  Might do this one again at some point, but not a regular.

Dancing Queen (Abba):  M and B helped out on the chorus, and we rocked the bar:)

All You Wanted (Michelle Branch):  Nailed this one also!  A keeper:)

What's Up (4 Non-Blondes):  Nailed this one too, and got it on video:)

Are You Happy Now (Michelle Branch):  Needs work on the bridge, but over all, another keeper:)

Don't Stop Believing (Journey):  Closed out the night by pulling the 'it's my birthday; just one more song PLEEEEASE????'  And we rocked it:)  Another keeper!

Drink-wise, I drank 3 rum and cokes; one Bailey's on the rocks; one shot of B52 w/o the whiskey; and one Bailey's shot.  Got home around 3:30am, and discovered the spouse had had a memory lapse.  He did NOT remember me telling him for the past TWO WEEKS that our plan was to close down the bar on the 20th.  Maybe if the college kid had shown up, it would have been better?  But I texted him around midnight and he apologized and said he was staying put at his friend's house.

It's really a shock to be met at the door with Where The HELL have you been?  And then not be believed when innocence is expressed.  He also stated 'That's the LAST time you go out.'  Yeah, well, we'll see.  I might have to appease him by having Movie Night every other week again, the way we did last spring.

Fell asleep around 5am; I've got the sniffles, so my sneezing kept me up.  And since I'd been drinking, didn't want to throw any meds in the system.  Dogs woke me at 7:30, begging to be let out.  I did, then went back to bed.  Woke up shortly before 9am and decided to start my day.  Everyone else is still asleep.

Have a good weekend!  We're going to be making sugar cookies today (I think!) and I need to start wrapping presents.  Lugged everything downstairs yesterday, and this afternoon I'll see who I short-changed this year.

Just hope I'm over this damn head cold by Christmas Eve!  I can be sick Christmas Day, ha ha.


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B.C. Brown said...

Still think you should have just popped him in the mouth and crawled into bed. :)

Glad we managed to make your birthday celebration special, chica.

Molly Daniels said...

I felt like it, believe me!