Thursday, December 20, 2012

Part 6 of That Sequel:)

I found the Barbara Walter's 10 Most Fascinating People episode online yesterday and was more interested in Seth McFarland's segment than the author of THAT SERIES.  Her segment was rather ho-hum, and you could tell she was nervous.  Don't know how much was left on the cutting room floor; I thought maybe more would be shown after the commercial break.  But no....after the wonderful exposes' on Chris Christy and Seth, I felt a little let down.  That was IT?  (sigh)

Anyway, on with the countdown-I mean, the critique.

Ch. 11:
Oh my, they're having sex on the pool table.  And was a little disappointed when he didn't do any of the things I read in another sex-on-the-pool-table-scene, which was waaaaaay more spicier!  Want to know what book I'm talking about?  Ask me and I'll tell you in the comments.  Don't think this wonderful author would really like her name linked with this boring scene.

Pg 243:  She puzzled by his insistence of no safe word.  Does C not remember his own Rules?  Geez!  Also, he says 'Lovers don't need safe words.'  Ummmmm, if they involve BDSM play, yes they do.  Read your own manual, C.  And how does she know he's 'searching her face for clues' of lost convictions?  This is her POV, not his.

Pg 246:  She's bent over the pool table while C smacks her with a ruler.  So how does she know he's dropped it if she can't see it?  Did it land on the table?  Then she might have heard it.  I'm assuming the floor is carpeted, so she wouldn't hear it hit the floor.

Pg 255:  He's 'forbidding' her to go to NY with her boss?  And says 'Now he's like my dad.'  Honey, take it from one who knows:  If he acts this way BEFORE marriage, it's only gonna get worse.  This isn't love.

Pg 256:  Love the 'don't get your knickers in a twist' comment!

Pg 258:  If C was so worried about their email exchange, wouldn't he have notified her BEFORE now?  And I totally 'get' yelling at the computer....

Pg 263:  With the NY trip cancelled, she's now puzzled as to why her boss is so furious?  Ummmm....I think I can guess....his seduction plans are now on 'hold'....anyone with a brain in their head could see that one coming!

Pg 264:  Her subconscious has obviously taken a vacation:  'Who would want to shoot you?'  Ummm...there's an angry ex-sub out there with a gun...????  Time to wake up, subconscious!

Pg 265:  "I have never felt more like running..."  Yay!  A part of her is waking up to reality!!!  But since we're only halfway through the 2nd book, I doubt it sticks....

Pg 274:  Earlier, he asks her to move in, and she balked 'I don't know you..' Now she says she'll move in and he says 'But you don't know me...' and sounds panicky.  I doubt this is a case of him tossing her words back in her face, so why does this suddenly make him jittery?  If you don't want her to move in, don't ask her, moron!  Unless it was all a joke, and now she's called your bluff?

Ch 12:
Pgs 276-86:  I get why she wants to remain in the room at first while C speaks to Mrs. R; she's asserting the fact C is with her now.  But then she tires of the conversation and leaves....but eavesdrops?  And then tells him she was listening?  Why have the same argument over and over?  I thought this was settled a LONG time ago!  Grow up, A!

Pgs 287-90:  Didn't I read this scene in book #1?

Pg 308:  Oh boy.  A cliff-hanger chapter-ending.  She's being threatened with a gun.  Can I contain my curiosity until I read the next two chapter?  Considering the fact I'd not read the last four pages in this chapter and skimmed it quickly while writing this post....Yeah, I think I can wait.  There's still half of this book and #3, so I know nothing serious happens....

Come back tomorrow for memories of Christmas 1992:)


Anonymous said...

It blows my mind how this series could get so popular.
Are there seriously that many people who haven't read true erotica yet?

For your reading pleasure try the "Consummate Therapy" series by Katie Salidas and Willsin Rowe.

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Kittyb78, I spoke with an acquaintance at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and talking about my books and she mentioned she read all 3 of "That Book" and I asked what she thought. Her words "I loved it. Couldn't put it down." She read because her girlfriend suggested to read. As I probed with more questions, turns out she doesn't really read and never has read erotic/a so this was her first in the genre. So, there are a lot of women out there that this is their first venture and think this is "it" for erotic/a and BDSM. I suggested she check out other authors who write soooo much better. I doubt if she will, but I tried. I suggested mine even though vampires but the erotica is much better. C'est la vie!

Marianne Stephens said...

This is an author I definitely DON'T want to read! Yikes! Every review you post makes the books more un-appealing...and the author doesn't sound like she has anyone editing for content.

Cara Marsi said...

I love your critiques, Molly. I've had experiences like Cynthia's. Women who rarely read, and never romance of any kind, read this book because everyone is talking about it. They're blown away by it because they had no idea sexy books existed. One positive thing about this is that Ellora's Cave has seen an uptick in sales.

Molly Daniels said...

@KItty: I'll have to look that one up; thanks:)

@Marianne: I was NOT thrilled with her interview. Guess she's 'riding the wave of fame' and doesn't need to go into details? Drove me crazy wiht her one line answers. If you saw my interview, I was much more eager to talk about my work and probably could have taken up the entire hour:)

Molly Daniels said...

@Cynthia and Cara: I agree; nearly everyone I met this summer once I placed That Book on my table told me they didn't read much, but they loved, loved LOVED the series! And they were thrilled when I pointed them in Brynn Paulin and Desiree Holt's way, plus to my own Teacher's Pet. One woman I swear took about an inch worth of swag with her: Cards, book marks, pens...anything anyone had ever sent me. Hope those authors saw a spike in sales!

I never knew these kind of books existed until the early 2000's. And only because my hubby happened to be watching Montel Williams and yelled at me to come watch his interview with Jaid Black. And I've been hooked ever since:)

Unknown said...

And yet... why are you still reading this crap?! lol