Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Survivor, Christmas, and Stuff

Currently Reading:  Print-wise, I finished The Joy Luck Club, and I hope the movie's better.  Still, an interesting glimpse into the Chinese culture.  I also finished Bel Air by Katherine Stone and was mildly disappointed the 'drama' I'd expected somewhat fizzled.  But since it's nice to be surprised, and the 'drama' would have been predictable, I enjoyed it:)  Just goes to show that people need to COMMUNICATE, and not ASSUME everything.  Recommended Read, if you don't mind the head-hopping of the early 90's:)  Now it's on to Maeve Binchy's Circle of Friends.  I'm up to Ch. 5 and enjoying it:)

E-book-wise, still on Renovated Heart.

1st of all, congratulations to Denise, winner of the 25th season of Survivor!  I was soooo positive Malcolm had the final immunity, since he won the advantage.  But no; he was the 1st one out of the challenge when they had to balance a ball on a round pole.  And was then voted out.  And the comments from the jury....WOW!

I've got the immediate gift-buying taken care of.  Now I just need to get a few items for my dad, the daughter's boyfriend, and another 'adoptee' who will be staying with us for a while.  No sense in him watching everyone opening gifts on Christmas Day and not having any of his own.  Plus, I need to find the Peanut Butter Trees, and get a few other stocking gifts.

I was also to correct a huge mistake on one of my online orders.  I'd accidentally inserted a '6' into my sister's address, and had to call three companies before they assured me the label could be changed.  I put my sis on alert, so she'll let me know if it ever gets to her.  And Amazon assured me that if for some reason they still can't find her, they'll send me an email telling me it was returned, and I can resend it.  Note To Self:  If a company questions you about an address, DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR ADDRESS BOOK!  I still can't believe I didn't do that.

Today, I'm baking again, I think.  Miss Alex arrives from 11-2, so depending on if she takes a nap after lunch, or Grandpa will play with her/put her down for nap, then I can get busy.  But if she's in Grandma Mode, then I might only get one or two batches whipped up.

Family Drama:
And I'm not very happy with Miss A's daddy.  He was all gung-ho about getting a job, but it's been 2 weeks since he was placed on Medical Leave, and he STILL hasn't gone back to the doctor for the note which returns him to work!  And now his mom's lost her job (again) and may be homeless by Jan (again) if she hasn't found another one.  He's told the daughter he's letting his mom move in with them if that happens.  Daughter said she's moving back home if he does.

Cookies Baked:  Approx. 30, and all but 3 doz consumed.
Gifts Bought:  Too many yesterday to count.  Maybe 40?
Cards Mailed:  0, but they have been signed, stamped, and the letter written.  Now just need to print it, stuff it, and seal them.  Also thinking about getting the cute pic of Miss A printed and sending it in the cards also.

Come back tomorrow for the Hump Day Hook....and a surprise!  Nope, not telling you what it is.


Amber Skyze said...

I'm 0 in the Christmas cards department this year.
I was happy for Denise too, but really wanted Malcolm to win. I hear he's coming back for Fans vs. Favorites. He's second only to Ozzy as my all time favorite!

Molly Daniels said...

That's cool! I'd not heard that. Wouldn't it be neat to see him go head-to-head with Ozzy?

Anonymous said...
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B.C. Brown said...

You didn't like The Joy Luck Club? That is one of my favorites of all time! I really believed you'd enjoy it. :/