Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hump Day Hook

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From my Zombie story:

“What about those still in the ER?  Are they still alive?  When do you think you’ll be checking on that area?” Another reporter from CBS shoved her microphone closer.
            “When the HazMat team finishes their investigation, then I’ll be able to answer that more fully.”
            “Is there any truth to the report that it was a patient from the Chicken Shack shooting which exploded?”  Jamie jumped in with her question.  At the collective gasp, she hurried on.  “Do you think this was the work of a suicide bomber?”
            “Young woman, this is preposterous!  Who are you and what television station do you represent?” The administrator turned angry eyes on Jamie and crossed his arms.
             “Jamie Sullivan, with PBS.  We were heading over to the Shrine Circus and as we neared the hospital, we witnessed the explosion from Sixteenth and Maple.”
            “Honey, let us handle the news,” a Fox reporter rolled his eyes.  “You’re not equipped to handle a story of this magnitude.”
            Jamie’s temper exploded.  “How would you know?  Just because your news director is a sexist pig doesn’t mean you have to be one too.” 

Have a great day and come back tomorrow for the Sequel To The Book Which Shall Not Be Named:)

Cookies Baked:  8 doz oatmeal-raisin
Progress On Living Room:  Space cleared and DVD's reorganized.  Tree and ornaments still downstairs. However, daughter's tabletop tree is in chair, waiting to go home with her.


Lacie Nation said...

Nice! I love a strong female lead who stands up for themselves. I LOVE ZOMBIES!!!

Deb said...

Mollie, Awesome, is this book out?


Jennifer Simpkins said...

Loved it, Molly!! :)

Molly Daniels said...

@Lacie: I love Jamie's spunkiness:)

@Deb: Not yet; I'm still writing it.

@Jennifer: Thank you:)

Colette Saucier said...

Great tension - zombies AND a suicide bomber on the loose???