Thursday, December 27, 2012

Part 7 of That Sequel

Thankfully, Chs 13 and 14 were short!  I nearly had another episode where I wanted to hurl the book under the next train, but since we had a snow storm yesterday which halted most of the traffic in town, I settled for throwing it toward the end of my bed, startling my Lab mix.

Ch 13:
Pp 309-10:  I must say she's very composed about an ex-sub of C's waving a gun in her face.  The author still hasn't learned when she's writing in 1st person you cannot 'see' into the other character's thoughts.  And she still has an adverb problem.  Like me several years ago, lol!

Pg 311:  Two issues:  They're in the kitchen and I'm pretty sure A has her back to L.  So all of a sudden A has eyes in the back of her head?  Or did I miss a line where L is standing beside her?  I'd go back and reread, but I'm already bored.  And at the bottom of the page, suddenly L's 'voice' in my head has morphed into Peter Pettigrew (Harry Potter; the whiny servant of Voldemort who was Ron's pet rat??) or Gollum from Lord of the Rings.  Eerie.

Pg 314:  Here is where I had my WTH moment.  C has come to the rescue; disarmed L, who has slipped back into total sub mode, and all A can think of is 'why do I have to leave?  So you can go punish your ex-sub and enjoy what you can't with me?'  I want to slap her upside the head!  When someone rescues you, you LEAVE the room, you dolt!  If you don't trust your man with his obviously deranged ex, then you don't belong with him!  But no, this is A.  Who goes off in a snit with the brother of her roommate to a bar across the street.

Pg 316:  Geez....eye roll moment here.  A wants to confide in E, but 'I signed an NDA'...I think it would be null and void after what you just went through.  If you're THAT upset over what 'might' be happening, then spill!

Pg 321:  She's back; they argue; and....then......C gets on his knees?  The Dom....gets on his KNEES?  This is soooo out of character!

Ch. 14:
I had a hard time reading this chapter.  It's one thing for her to whine and moan, but for HIM to do it?  I'd like to think there might have been a better way for this disclosure to come out.

Pg 329:  He describes himself as a sadist.  Ummm, wasn't that the whole point of the ending to Book #1?

Pg 332:  Oh yes, the answer to every argument:  'Marry me?'  WHAT?  Oh yeah, every woman wants to hear those words eventually, but not after the revelation her lover's a sadistic bastard with abandonment issues!  And her reaction?  Laughter.  Yeah, insult the man.  That's the way to handle it....give into your PTSD.  You've been through a lot in the last thirty pages.

Pg 334:  She tells him she'll think about his proposal and wants to go to bed.  But he insists on feeding her.  Then he reveals how he dealt with L.  Stress and fatigue of everything overtakes A, and she wanders off to bed.  I seriously hope there's not a sex scene coming up in Ch 15....

Switching gears, we had a snow storm yesterday, with at least a foot of snow dumped on us.  I've had a nasty head cold since last week, so I spent Christmas with a box of Puffs, and reading Judith Arnold's Looking For Laura.  Now I'm bouncing back and forth between John Saul's Suffer The Children and Sidney Sheldon's The Doomsday Device.  Caused me to have weird dreams last night (shiver).

If you missed yesterday's Hump Day Hook, scroll down for an excerpt from Balancing Act:)

Stay warm and drive safely!


Cara Marsi said...

Thank you for another exciting installment. I mean your installments are more exciting than the actual book. What made so many women swoon over this book?

Cherie Denis said...

I'm really enjoying your take on the book. It's a heck of a lot better than wasting time reading it.
Thank you for your insight :-)
I'm with Cara - what is making so many women swoon over this book?

Amber Skyze said...

Another exciting installment from that damn book! lol
Go back to Suffer the Children. It was an awesome book.

Anthology Authors said...

Stupidity, Cara. I tried to read three pages and nearly gagged. (grin) I do not have the time to waste on it. It's much more amusing reading Molly's take. (g)


Molly Daniels said...

@Cara and Cherie: The Uninformed are reading it, which I'm only too happy to point them in the direction of better books!

Molly Daniels said...

@Amber: Suffer The Children was too weird for me. I don't think I'll reread this one for a loooong while.

@Marci: Thank you:) I try to be entertaining when I write these!

B.C. Brown said...

I am convinced you are a secret masochist to keep doingt his to yourself, chica. Yep, only answer.