Thursday, December 6, 2012

Part 4 of the STTBWSNBN

Currently Reading:  Finished both Sushi For Beginners and Body Check!  Loved both!  Now reading Jean Joachim's The Renovated Heart.  Since I've loved Jean's other stories, I've no doubt I'll love this one too:)  Print-wise, haven't decided what to choose from the sack beside my bed.  Did I mention that after my TV appearance, I hit the 10 cent paperback sale, and came home with 11 gently used paperbacks?

It's been two weeks since I last posted, partly due to the holidays and NaNo, but also to the fact I nearly fell asleep twice reading Ch. 7.  I'm all for a party scene, but do you have to describe EVERYTHING?  And the present tense is still driving me crazy.  With that said, here are some of the 'roll my eyes' and 'gag me' parts:

Ch. 7:
Pg 144:  How does she know she doesn't realize his game until too late?  This should have been worded, "Too late, I realize the reason he's grabbed my hand is to place it on his erection."  Or something else to that fact.

Pg 145:  If you're so enthralled with his growing erection, how do you know you're barely aware of the bidding?  Either you're aware or not.

Pg 146:  She gives C a 'soft, chaste kiss', then notices the others at her table are 'astonished'.  Either the others are extremely bad at concealing their emotions or she's misinterpreting their facial expressions.  She doesn't know what's going on inside their heads; this is all assumption....and you know what they say about making assumptions....

Pgs 146-9:  I get she's embarrassed by the Ladies Auction.  And naturally, since this is her POV, there are two men vying to 'buy' her for the night.  One of the other ladies is furious when the bidding goes high.  Oh yeah; I burn with jealousy every time I see two men 'fighting' over another girl...give me a break!  This is for CHARITY!  The other girl should be thrilled A is forcing men to bid higher....

Pgs 150-5:  He takes her up to his childhood bedroom, spanks her, then they have sex.  Ho-hum.

Pgs 155-8:  The dancing begins, and C's psychiatrist dances with her.  Afterward, she teases C that the good doctor told her everything, and he doesn't take it well.  Does the man not know about the confidentiality clause in the doctor-patient/client relationship?

Pgs 158-60:  Mrs. R 'corners' A in the bathroom and while A is thrilled to think C loves her, Mrs R ruins it by warning 'if you hurt him, you'll have to answer to me'.  A case of an ex not wanting to let go?  Did she do this with all of C's other 'subs'?

Pgs 160-4:  A tells C about the conversation; he gets pissy and calls Mrs. R, which A evesdrops on; then C's father claims her attentions and she gleans some info about C's childhood.  Is it any wonder my eyes were drooping and my brain was shutting down?  Yawn....

(Two weeks later, I pick up the book again....)
Pgs 164-8:  A spectacular fireworks display.  And suddenly A has her wrap on.  Did she not check it when they came in?  I'll have to go back and check.  But then again, I really don't care, so I keep reading.

Pg 169:  How sweet; Mrs. R writes A a note, inviting her to lunch.  Why didn't she wait until the next day, when emotions have settled?

Pgs 170-1:  They arrive back home, only to be told A's car has been vandalized, and they need to check the apartment to make sure L isn't still there.  And all I can think of is 'Thank god that chapter's over!'

Ch. 8:
Pgs 172-6:  The house has been checked, and they've been given the 'all clear' sign.  A goes to bed.  And wakes suddenly with the groggy feeling she's not alone, but in the dark can't tell if it's just her imagination.  So she goes downstairs and flirts with C, who's in his office.  Then they go back to his room, where she was sleeping, and the balcony door is open.  NOW she tells C about why she woke up, then feels guilty for not being more forthcoming?

Pgs 176-82:  With the possibility L is hiding somewhere, A and C go to a motel.  And now the hotel receptionist can't contain her admiration of C.  What is it with the women in Seattle?

Pgs 183-90:  They make love.

Pgs 190-6:  C's doctor (MD) makes a hotel-room call and reprimands A for not taking her pill, then gives her a pregnancy test and a Depo shot.  And during the discussion of where A is in her cycle, it suddenly dawns on me why A has been so moody....she's suffering from a major case of PMS!  I'm surprised C didn't pick up on it, since he's such an expert on women....oh wait; he's been a little distracted.

Thank god that chapter is over and I don't have to pick this book up again for another week!  Did I actually say a month ago I was beginning to enjoy this book?  I take it back.

Update on Christmas Prep:
Cookies Baked:  5.5 doz M&M; 5.5 Butterscotch chip.  There's a cookie dough monster loose in my house!
Progress on Living Room:  Same as yesterday.


Cara Marsi said...

Molly, I have missed your posts. My head was about to explode at Thanksgiving whem my SIL told me that she had a girls' weekend with some friends and they all had to read The Book That Shall Not Be Names. My SIL agreed the writing is terrible, but she read all three books. One of her friends was totally enthralled with the book, the romance and the whole concept. The friend is obsessed now with this trilogy because she's never read anything like it. Did she ever hear of romance novels? Bet if you asked the friend, she'd wrinkler her nose and say, "I don't read romance." I sent my SIL an email with the link to Ellora's Cave and a list of erotic romance authors who can actually write and asked her to pass it onto her friend. My head is ready to explode again thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Molly, I have missed your posts. Just don't hurt yourself reading these. Thank you a hundred times over for sparing us from reading the travesties.
I know an erotic BDSM trilogy that is well written you may like. It's called "The Consummate Therapy Series" By Katie Salidas and Willsin Rowe.

Trust me, these are hot!

Molly Daniels said...

@Cara: I guess I'm lucky; I've only met a handful of people who turn up their noses at 'that romance crap'. And Kenzie's sales have boosted, due to my putting THAT BOOK on my table:)

@Kitty: I LOVE Brynn Paulin's BDSM books, and a few others I've read. But I'll check out that trilogy:)

Fiona McGier said...

Even my daughter, my own flesh and blood, read the trilogy! I told her I feel wounded, since she's only read one of my 11 published books. But her roommate has read all of them and loves my books. So there, nyah!

I read an analysis recently that said that it was the romance that most readers enjoyed, which jibes with what women I work with who have read the trilogy say: the sex is boring so they skipped it after the first few scenes. Excuse me, boring sex in an erotic BDSM book? I've read some that were better written than others, but if they are billed as BDSM, the sex almost scorched the pages! Yet this book is making butt-loads of money, the author is suing everyone who even uses "her" number in their words, and her books will be made into movies?

There's really no justice in the world, is there?