Friday, December 7, 2012

Flashback Friday

Dec 1972:
For my 7th birthday, I received a doll cake.  The kind with a Barbie-like doll standing up, and the cake is her dress:)  My grandparents and several neighborhood friends attended.  And for my birthday, I received a beautiful black Labrador puppy we named Wags.

Present Day:
Went Christmas shopping yesterday for the youngling and the granddaughter.  They're both going to have a good Christmas:)  I also need to finish up my online shopping for my nephew, SU, and Miss Drama Queen and Mr. Energy.

Tomorrow, my college kid turns 21.  He's heading up to Purdue today to celebrate with his fraternity brothers, so I won't get to spank him until Sunday.  We have a 'rule' in this house you cannot turn a year older until you've had your birthday spanking, ha ha:)  I need to call my mom and make arrangements to get together for our joint b-day dinner with them.

Have a great weekend!

Cookies Baked:  0 (was interrupted all afternoon, so decided I deserved a day of rest!)
Progress on Living Room:  Dusted the floor where the tree will be
Presents Bought:  9, not counting the ones I ordered last weekend.
Cards Written/Sent/Received:  0/0/1:)

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