Saturday, June 1, 2013

End Of The Month Recap

Currently Reading:  Had to force myself to put down The Caline Conspiracy at 1:30 this morning.  Really enjoying this!

Books Read:  Print:  2
                        E-book:  14
                        DNF:  3 (Beware of free reads)

Publishing Efforts:  Both Kenzie's Wild At Heat  and Off The Clock released this month.  Now she has to write again.

Health:  Tried putting a foam wedge under my left heel, and oh what a difference!  But the knees are still stiff after sitting too long.  Guess I'm officially middle-aged now.  And got the notice on Thursday:  As of July 1st, my insurance will be be canceled.  So now I'm gonna have to find my own.  This sucks.  I was happy with my hubby's, until he retired.  Then I went on Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), and was fine with it for two years.  But since the disability kicked in last year, and now I get SSI because of his disability, I now make about $50 too much for the HIP.  There oughta be a gray area....

Karaoke:  Went at least twice, and only sang a few songs on my 'good' list, in order to 'wow' the crowd.  But starting this month, I'll be diligently working on the rest of my 'D' titles.  And showing up before 10pm, in order to be able to sing at least 3 songs every Saturday.

Graduation:  I managed not to cry when my daughter received her diploma!  We spent a happy week together, getting 'beautified' (re-dying her hair and high-lighting mine); shopping for clothes (she looked beautiful in a white shirt, khaki slacks, and black sandals, and I now have two new pairs of Capri pants and her cast-off sandals!!  Wonder if these come in white or brown?  Must go back to Shoe Show...); and spending time with the grandparents.  She also traveled to see her BFF from her old school, and catch up.

And the best news of all:  Monday, May 27th she officially said goodbye to the baby-daddy!  She packed everything up and moved home again.  And we discovered the next day, one of the baby-daddy's friends was fed up with E's treatment of her, and asked our permission to become her champion.  They've now been together for 4 days, and have already rented a 2 BRM house.  C adores Miss Alex and my daughter, and even though we think she's moving a bit too fast, they've both assured me things are progressing SLOWLY. (I know; I hear you....they're probably only telling me what they think I want to hear!)  I'm choosing to trust them and keep my eyes open.  And hopefully my daughter has her self-confidence back and will refuse to accept less than she deserves.

Heartbreak:  My AF officer, my muse for The Arbor U series, has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and it's spreading fast.  I'm so torn between praying for swift relief of his pain and wanting him to fight this with every thing he's got.  I've not seen him face to face since 1997, unless you count the (very stilted and awkward) video chat in February.  He was my 1st adult love, and the entire reason the AU series was even born.  I'm hoping to go see him before he passes, and if I don't, then his wife knows I'm keeping them both in my prayers, and hope to at least attend his funeral.

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