Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HDH #15

Currently Reading:  Finished When We Meet Again and I'm still disappointed there wasn't a knockdown brawl between Ethan and Hart!  This was another book which made me want to pop into the story and shake Brynn and Ethan, and sic the local pit bull on both Hart and Nancy.  A very good depiction of two people whose choices took them away from each other, yet found themselves together after 25 years.  Proves there's always a second chance to correct mistakes, if the feelings are mutual!  Just ask my friends Beth and Paul, who drifted apart, then met again at their 20th HS reunion.  They're about to celebrate 9 years of wedded bliss.  Next up:  Locked and Loaded by Sam Cayto.

I know; I've only participated in fifteen out of how many?  But sometimes Life just gets in the way.....
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Today's snippet is from Balancing act, book #4 of Arbor U.  Thought I'd post one of my more challenging scenes.  Ever try to get your characters together finally, only to have internal objections fly up in your face?  Pay attention to Troy's response.  That's the only way I could get them back on track.  Enjoy!

“You really care for Amy, don't you?”

Troy looked startled. “What do you mean?”

“You're protective of her...and...I'm not supposed to know this, but I know you tried to have
a relationship with her once.”

“How...” Troy swallowed. “How did you find out?” His arm dropped from her shoulders as
he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, hands on his hips.

“When Stephanie gets drunk, she not only snores, but she also talks in her sleep.” Gretchen
shrugged. “It's okay, Troy. She's my friend too. I think it's great that you look after her. Just remember, she's on the rebound.”

Troy relaxed and continued walking with her. “I'll admit, I did think she and I would have
made a great twosome, but there is only friendship between us.”

“Are you sure?” She glanced at him. “I mean, if Jeri's back in Matt's life, then what's to stop
you from pursuing Amy?”

“This is the strangest conversation I've ever had.” He turned to face her, hands on hips. “If I had thoughts of
pursuing her, as you put it, why would I be here with you?”

Balancing Act is available at SCP, Kindle, and Nook


Christina Cole said...

Lots going on here! Nice hook.

Unknown said...

Nice. Now I am very curious:)

Unknown said...

Nice:) Now I am curious:)

Unknown said...

Hmmm, a few truths coming out in this snippet. Great hook!