Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Flashback: Baseball Season Again!

June 2003:
Story thus far:  After undergoing two open heart surgeries and being told a test tube with his  name on it had tested positive for TB, plus our oldest had experience minor bullying, and were once again enduring baseball/softball games four times a week.

Spouse received the 'all clear' to return to work, and since several people had told me they enjoyed Love Is Sober, I began to actively promote it.  I took it everywhere with me, and also to libraries, bookstores, and to family events.

Baseball was winding down.  In tournament, two of our players were injured in an ATV accident, plus others were tired from swimming in the pool.  The team we slaughtered last month?  Went on to win the entire tournament while we were knocked out in the 1st round.  Karma can be a bitch.

Daughter's softball went well, until she was hit with the ball in the final game.  S would hang up her catcher's gear forever.  I think her team nearly won the tournament, but the other team rallied to win.

The kids went to Grandma's for a week, and I set up my booth at both two local fish fry's.  One woman came through my tent and bought the book.  Day #2, she passed me and told me she was enjoying it and was looking forward to more.  Day #3 she made a beeline for my booth, slapped her hands on my table, and exclaimed, "I loved it!  I could not put it down...when's the next one coming out?"

"Ummmm....when I get a publisher??"  I then handed her a 'sneak peek' to book #2.

Next Month:  Strange symptoms.....

Present Day:
Going through a slight crisis with the daughter.  Asking for prayers; I need wisdom and guidance.  Hopefully all will be settled next week.  Have a good weekend!

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