Friday, June 21, 2013

Flashback Friday

Currently Reading:  Loved Julia's story the best in The MacGregor Brides and now I want to go buy The MacGregor Grooms!  Recommended Read, if you don't mind head-hopping.  I'm now about halfway through Heaven and Earth, and now I want the other two stories in this trilogy!  (H&E is #2)  Also read Jayne Rylon's Driven and really enjoyed it also!  I'm getting ready to read Jayne's Picture Perfect.

June 1993:
Baby T's mom had been downsized at her job, and her husband had been fired several months before.  Fed up with his refusal to look for employment while he studied for his EMT training, she took little T to her parents' home in Arkansas.  After a week, she called and revealed she'd given her spouse an ultimatum.

"I told him I had a rental house, plus jobs for both of us if he doesn't get his butt down here.  Otherwise, I'm filing for divorce."

C took the warning to heart, and went to be with his wife.  They will celebrate 23 years of marriage next month, and have since relocated to Florida.  Baby T is now in college, and has been joined by a brother K who graduates next year, and a sister S who will be in the 1st or 2nd grade this year.

Also,little B's mother announced B was going to spend the summer with his dad, per their custodial agreement, so suddenly I had the summer to spend with 18-m/o K, with no obligations to be awake at 6 am, other than to kiss his father goodbye in the mornings.

We spent nearly every afternoon at the pool, then I'd put K down for a two hour nap while I showered, wrote, and planned dinner.

Present Day:
I spent yesterday at a dear friend's visitation and funeral, and really enjoyed meeting his wife of 8 years.  My memories of him will begin in another two years, so I hope I can recall them without crying.  Shared a few of them with local friends and with his sister.

Also, my daughter moved home again yesterday, so I'll be baby-proofing the house again for Miss Alex.  This weekend we have my younger son's final baseball games before the playoffs.  Temps have shot up into the upper 80's/lower 90's, so summer is officially here:)

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