Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wild Night At Youth Baseball

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First of all, Kenzie's over at Jamallah Bergman's blog today.  I don't know what she ate or drank, but boy is she in a strange mood!

Next, someone fed our boys Cheerio's or Frosted Flakes before the game, because 7/9 boys on our team were on fire after inning #2!

Blake struck out once, but made base hits, plus a single home run.

Brennan was walked; had one strike out; and scored once or twice.

Peyton hit a two-run homer, plus a single, and scored twice.

Tristan hit a double and a single, scoring once.

Joe hit a double, plus scored twice, and as catcher, tagged a runner out at home.

Jaden walked, but was held up at 3rd base.  Still, he managed to move the others around the bases.

Braxton got a base hit, after two strike outs.

Will hit a foul ball, but struck out.

Final score:  Team ONB (us) 9, Team Raben Tire 8.

Our exciting 3rd inning was been posted on YouTube:

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