Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Flashback

Currently Reading:  Finished Cybil's story in The MacGregors:  Robert and Cybil and it sooooo mirrors an old relationship of mine!  He was concerned with financial stability, while I wanted to pursue my dream of being published.  My dream wasn't moving fast enough for him, so we went our separate ways.  We're the best of friends now, but he still laughs at my 'small' royalty checks.  "Let me know when you get that 10K advance," was one of the last things he told me.  "It's gotta be bankable to be called a career."  So we've agreed to disagree on the subject of me and my publishing efforts.  Anyway, yes, this is another Recommended Read!  Warning; Nora head-hops, so if you can't stand it, then don't pick it up.  Forgot to mention that issue the other day.

Next up:  The MacGregor Brides.  Yes, I'm reading them slightly out of order.  And no, haven't been back to the kindle books just yet.  I think I'll save them for the trip later next month....or not.  Keep checking back.

I oopsed last week and forgot to post my Friday Flashback.  And since it was a good one, I decided to post it here, rather than have a extremely long post tomorrow.

So here we go:)

June 1973:
My grandparents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hotel, since Grandpa handled all the money for IMS.  They were told it was just going to be family, but when we arrived, all their friends were there to celebrate with them.

I remember helping Mom collect photographs for the display table, and helping clip dollar bills (they might have been twenties!) to the Money Tree.

During dinner, I was thrilled to sit next to my Uncle Bill and his fiancee Debbie (I would later be asked to be a flower girl at their wedding, but it was later called off), and my new cousins Tammy and Richie (their mom had married my Uncle Ed a few months earlier).  The three of us, plus other friends, ran around the reception afterward, ate cake, and took turns climbing in and out of the scale model Indy Car.

Lots of pictures were taken, including one of me 'photo-bombing' the picture of Uncle Bill and Debbie; my sister and I in the Indy Car, with me at the wheel; and another of myself, Roxanne Wells (three or four years younger than I), Tammy, and Richie (twins a year older than me) with our arms around each other.


Unknown said...

You and your race cars. I see the corruption began at an early age. lol

See, you weren't always shy - you photo-bombed young! haha

Molly Daniels said...

I was also with family, lol!

Looking back, my shyness kicked into gear about the 4th grade when I realized I wasn't one of the 'cool' kids. I needed braces; wore nerdy glasses; was the tallest in the class; and was an average student. Then when I turned 14, everything went to hell for about a year.