Friday, October 25, 2013

Flashback Friday: Feeding The Rumor Mill

Oct 2003:
Story thus far:  After the spouse's two heart surgeries and having to take meds for a positive TB test, I found myself unexpectedly pregnant, and had to resign from my job as bus monitor, since I wasn't allowed to lift more than 10lbs.  I forgot to mention I was NOT happy with Dr. S, who informed he wasn't delivering babies anymore, and referred me to his colleague, Dr. L.  

I was craving caesar salad and fettucini, and fortunately there was a Fazolli's across the street from the dr's office:)  The spouse had gotten laid off from work by now, and was able to accompany me.  I was really concerned about all the medications he was taking and would it affect his half of the child's DNA?

Dr. L looked at his med list, then looked at him, then me, then back at him.  "Molly, how on earth did you manage to get pregnant?  He's on at least three meds which should have lowered his sperm count."

Spouse sat straight up.  "Ah HA!"

"No; I've not been with anyone BUT you!"

Then we told her about the other anomalies, like certain blood pressure meds which made him excessively hungry, which was NOT a side effect, and him being so sensitive to the blood thinner.

At the school carnival, I worked a low-stress game, where all I had to do was stand and supervise the kids as they played.  Previously, I'd worked the football toss, which involved running after footballs and making sure the goalpost stayed up.  The kids had a great time!

The next day, my friend S called me with the news a lot of people had asked her if I was pregnant or just gaining weight, lol!  Those who knew about the pregnancy thought I'd miscarried, since I wasn't showing too much yet.  So the rumor mill was back in full force, since the community knew my spouse had been through major surgery, and wondered if I'd 'stepped out' on him.  No, I hadn't.

Next Month:  Another Diagnosis For The Spouse

Tomorrow is the Costume Party at karaoke:)  At this time, I'm either going as Minnie Mouse (provided ears can be located or bought) or as Betsy Ross (provided I find a tiny flag to carry).  We're also making a trip to Evansville, for the NaNoWriMo Meet-n-Greet, so I'm hoping the spouse agrees to a trip to Party City.  The daughter wants a new costume, and so do I.  I fell in love with two costumes at Walmart last night, when we went to get Youngling's and Miss Itsy-Bitsy's costumes, but they didn't have any in my size.  I'll post pictures next week.

Here's my planned singing list for tomorrow night:
Everybody (Back Street Boys) I'll sing this with Melissa:)
ET (Katy Perry) Heard someone sing this a few months back, and think I can do better, lol!
Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) I may scrap this one if there are too many singers)
Dream On (Aerosmith) Redemption song, lol!

Have a great weekend!  I'll try to get pictures and video tomorrow night.

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