Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Series That Shall Not Be Named Pt 2

Currently Reading:  Enjoyed The Price Of Freedom; clever story!  Now onto What She Wants by Anne Rainey.

Welcome back to another exciting installment of TSTSNBN.  This covers Chapters 3-4.

I know I covered this last week, but it bears repeating:  Even respectable business men give hickeys!  And what I don't get is how she didn't feel the suction.

A few pages later, she asks an innocent question, one that makes him get lost in thought.  Instead of probing further, she changes the subject, thinking it's 'something painful' and doesn't want to remind him of it.  But two pages earlier, she recalls the psychiatrist's words.  Wouldn't she want to probe a little, to speed the healing?  Or maybe I'm just the 'probing' type, lol....figuratively speaking, of course!

Eeeeuuuuu....'the fuller the bladder, the more intense the orgasm'?  I don't want to lose control and pee all over the bed.  This just sounds wrong.  And why is she continually 'amazed' by the knowledge of 'Mr. Sexpert'?  He's had YEARS of experience, while you only have a few months, idiot!

Pg 53 pulled me out of the story, since I found this hard to imagine.  She's 'strolling arm in arm' with C, but yet her hand is tucked into the back pocket of his shorts.  If that's the case, then she's either got two left hands, or she's more tucked under his arm.  'Arm in arm' indicates the elbows are linked, with each person's hand crooked back toward their own bodies.  Try it.  The author needs to either use dolls to try out her walking positions or actually TRY this with another person.

Pg 55:  She again makes an innocent observation, but when he stares at her, she wonders if she's overstepped her boundaries?  Again, see above paragraph #3....

Ch. 4:
She goes to his office to seek permission to leave the boat and go shopping.  C is on the phone, but asks his caller to hold.  She feels like she's in the principal's office, rather than a grown woman making an honest request?    Oh wait....the previous day he used handcuffs on her during sex....this is why she feels like a sub or something?  Why does this have any bearing on her request?  Oh yeah.....she's inexperienced, insecure, and married him too fast, w/o thinking through the whole control issue.....and oh yeah, she shouldn't have to worry about whether or not she can kiss him goodbye!  That ring on your finger gives the right, dumbell!

I applaud her for her single act of rebellion, heh heh.....

Yes, you have 3 people with you, for protection!  Did you forget already there is someone trying to kill you?  Or hold you for ransom?

She returns after shopping and discovers the jig is up; C knows she took the Jet Ski.  And her response is 'what the hell was I thinking?'.  If you're going to rebel, you don't care about the consequences.  A more apt response would be to lift your chin and say 'oh well!'  Maybe he'll use the handcuffs on you again....or the flogger.  You seem to like that....

Later, during foreplay, he looks down at her and she's alarmed?  Why?  Is she worried about him making her beg for her pleasure?  Thank goodness all goes well....

Later, she's chatting with her friend, who makes a snarky remark.  She shuts down the chat so C won't see it?  I'm rolling my eyes....if you don't want your friends making snarky remarks, then either don't tell your friends about your sex life, or leave incriminating paperwork laying around where they can find it.

I had to stop reading at this point, and read something more enjoyable.  Come back next week for another witty snarky assessment of Chapters 5-7.  And have a great day:)

The events of October 1983.  Band competitions and my Halloween costume:)


Cara Marsi said...

Thank you for this service, Molly. I love reading your reviews of this book. Yet, as badly written as it is, and I sure won't read it, others loved it enough to make James a millionaire many times over. Why? Maybe readers don't care about the writing or the stupidity of the characters. Maybe they like the story, and that's what it's all about.

Melissa Keir said...

You are saving me so many hours of horror. I know this is the season for horrorfests... but I can't afford to spend the time. :)

I think that people just jump on the bandwagon, Cara...They want what others like... lemmings into the sea!

jean hart stewart said...

I really don't get how a crappy book has such success. Makes me want to fro' up

Molly Daniels said...

Just saw a comment on one of the loops I've offended someone with my posts.

1) This is the ONLY book (okay, trilogy) that I will rip apart in this manner.

2) I thought I was doing this in a humorous way, but apparently not everyone 'gets' my sense of humor.


Fiona McGier said...

Yeah, but most of us do! Remember, you can't please everyone...that is, unless you write a crappy piece of fan-fiction, then slightly change the characters, ignore grammar rules, and write first person through a TSTL heroine. Then you can please enough people to laugh all of the way to the bank to roll in your dough!