Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

Currently Reading:  Champagne and Lemon Drops was okay.  I loved, loved, LOVED Motor City Mage by Cindy Spencer Pape!  Definite Recommended Read, esp if you've read the others in this series.  Enjoyed the Cougars and Cubs antho from Total-E-Bound, with stories written by Ashley Ladd, Mia Watts, and Imari Jade, to name a few.  Recommended Read:)  Now onto Sweet Salvation by Nicole Morgan.

I did something on Saturday.  I applied for a job.

We were all set to travel north to Mr. Energy's football game, but the spouse had a sleepless night and didn't want to go.  A new sporting goods store is opening in our area, and the daughter wanted to attend.  With time on my hands now, I decided to go over.

I found one of my old resume's and filled out the application, then answered the questions as best as I could.  Thirty minutes later, I sat down to an interview, and he seemed impressed with my customer service attitude.  We had a few laughs over others pre-judging relatives, and the fact I told him I'm more coherent after 10am (the store opens at 9am, and occasionally I'd have to be there by 8:30), but since I've worked craft fairs where I had to be set up by 8am, it was doable.  He also seemed impressed I attended church and was in the choir.  I forgot to tell him about my Saturday issues, such as 'roke and sometimes singing on Saturday evening services.  Oh well; if he hires me, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

My daughter had her interview later, and it turned out we had the same interviewer.  So for right now, I'm leaving this in God's hands.  If it's time for me to re-enter the workforce, then I'll get the call.  If they only hire the daughter, then I'll continue what I'm doing.

My parents enjoyed an evening out with friends, and hopefully pictures will be sent soon.

Karaoke Update:
I was thrilled when it was 11pm and I was already singing my 3rd song!  But more singers arrived, and I had to remind Mark to squeeze me in at 12;30 for song #4.

Every Breath You Take: Waaaayyy too low.  The only part I did well on was the bridge, which is my favorite part  anyway.  But otherwise, ugh.
Endless Love:  Mark and I did well on this, but I probably won't do it again, unless someone's getting married or engaged, or celebrating an anniversary.
Blaze of Glory:  Mark didn't have my Amy Grant song, so redeemed myself and rocked the bar with this one:)
High Enough:  Rocked this one, and had Kelly shoot video.  Hoping it turns out okay!

My chuckle of the evening came when I ran into a woman I knew from scouts.  She asked if Kelly was my new man!

"Oh god no!  He's got a girlfriend!"

"I didn't know if you were stepping out on your husband or not; I know he can be an ass at times."

"If I were going to 'step out' on him, it would definitely be someone taller and better looking."

We both laughed, and even Kelly got a kick out of it when I told him:)  He's Mark's (KJ) and has a girlfriend of two or three years.  I've met her, and she doesn't mind Mel and I sitting at his table every week.  We began sitting at 'the cool kids' table back in June, after getting to know him a little better.  Which is nice; we have a guaranteed seat every week, instead of fighting for a table.  Which is another reason I like to get there around 10pm.

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