Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Reading and Karaoke Schedule

Currently Reading:  I've made it to Ch 15 on Operation Wedding Crash and loving it:)

Kenzie's announced the winners of her Autumn Blog Hop post!  

Here's the planned reading list for this month:)
Print:  FSF:  Yes, I finally found this in our store, alone.  Can't believe I'm diving back in, but I want to see if I'm correct about who's trying to kill C or A.  I won't be doing a chapter-by-chapter critique, unless I just can't stand it.  You already know about the bad editing, so I'll concentrate on plot issues.

The God Project-John Saul  Excellent!  Couldn't put it down!  RR

Operation Wedding Crash-Sandra Sookoo LOVED this!!  DRR
Deadly Obsession-Kristine Cayne Very good story!  Inept police though.  RR
Eden's Sin-Jennifer Jakes Very good!  RR
Nothing Short of a Miracle-Carol Henry Wonderful story!  Why people refuse to explain things bugs me though....
Motor City Fae-CSP Wonderful!!!!  DRR
Motor City Witch-CSP Excellent!!!!  DRR
The Price Of Freedom-Jenny Schwartz Clever story!
Parker’s Price-Ann Bruce Good story!
What She Wants-Anne Rainey Good story!
Caught Offside-Liz Crowe Interesting!
Because You Love Me-Lena Hart Clever....
With Honors-Grace Wen Enjoyed this, but wish it was longer!  I want to know what happens after she rebelled:)
TV Tycoons-Meg Bellamy LOVED this book!!!  DRR
Pleasure Island-Kellie Kamryn Loved this one also!  Sign me up for this place:)  RR
Champagne and Lemon Drops-Jean Oram Okay story; dragged on a bit.
Motor City Mage-CSP LOVED this!  DRR
Cougers and Cubs antho-Mia Watts, et al Enjoyed most of the stories:)  RR
Sweet Salvation-Nicole Morgan Went on a bit long, but still enjoyed it, and was surprised at end:)
The Biker Next Door-Jamallah Bergman
Learning To Forgive-Sam Crescent
Journey of the Magi-Barbara Edwards
The Layover-Jillian Chantal (pdf, not kindle)

Writing Goals For The Month:
I'm hoping to average 1K per day on the new wip, and hopefully finish it by the end of the month.  I'm also editing a friend's book, and have at least one more promo opp this month.  I can't do our Fall Festival, since I've been roped into manning the Choir booth at our 2nd annual Feast of Booths, something the Catholic Churches in town dreamed up, hoping to entice members to be more proactive/involved in the church.

I also hope to attend the NaNo kickoff Meet-n-Greet again this year, w/o pissing off the spouse like last year.

October Karaoke Songs:
Edge of 17-Stevie Nicks Did okay:)  Will keep!
Endless Love-Lionel Richie/Diana Ross Not bad!
Enough of Me-Melissa Etheridge Okay, though not my best
Escape-Rupert Holmes Knew this was a stretch...a one-timer:)
Evergreen-Barbra Streisand
Everlasting Love-Gloria Estephan OR Rex Smith/Rachel Sweet Wonder if M has the Rex Smith version?
Every Breath You Take-Police Waaaaayyyyy too low!
Every Heartbeat-Amy Grant Did not have this
Everybody-Backstreet Boys
Everybody Hurts-REM
Everyday People-Sly and the Family Stone
Everything I Do-Bryan Adams

I'm really hoping these 'E' titles are kinder to me than the first few, lol!


Sandy said...

Molly, I'm trying to do a 1K a day too, starting today. Good luck to both of us. Smile!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...


Melissa Keir said...

Why do you select your Karaoke songs based on the first letter? Is there a type of song you like to sing better?

Molly Daniels said...

@Sandy: Baby steps:)

@Cindy: Thanks!

@Melissa: It's something a friend and I decided to do; go through the karaoke songs alphabetically. I started at 'A', she started at 'Z'. This way I find more songs in my range, and I don't bore everyone by singing the same songs each week:)