Thursday, October 3, 2013

Third Book In The Series That Shall Not Be Named (TBITSTSNBN)

Currently Reading:  Really enjoyed Deadly Obsession!!  Recommended Read:)  Now diving into Eden's Sin and already enjoying it.  I'm up to Ch. 5.

Good morning!  And welcome back to the final series of blog posts about our favorite series That Series by That Author who 1) is badly in need of a good editor; 2) brought erotic romance into the mainstream focus; 3) helped Kenzie double her sales of Teacher's Pet; and 4) we all have a love/hate relationship with and plan to watch the movie when it arrives in DVD form, to see if the script is as badly written as the book or if Hollywood improved on it!

As previously stated, I'm not going to point out every little error; I'm sure you all by now know she uses certain words waaaay too often and A either has eyes in the back of her head or has the ability to judge her own emotions/appearance w/o the use of a mirror.  I plan to focus primarily on the plot this time, so these posts might be considerably shorter than last year's.

Anyway, here we go:)

Oh be still my heart!  Christian's POV at last?  (Insert sarcasm)

Ch. 1:
Either A is more adventurous now that she's married, or her repressed sexuality has reared its head in a big way.  1) Would a sheltered virginal girl suddenly cast all propriety aside on her honeymoon and go topless on a public beach?  Granted, some of this may simply be rebellion.  And yes, I can see where a newlywed could get 'caught up in the moment' and forget they're in public while making out.

Ch 2:
Why is she shy moving around the privacy in their room while naked, but was comfortable taking off her top at a topless beach?  And she's appalled by the hickeys on her chest?  (yes, I read the first part of Ch 3 to understand the 'what has he done to me?' comment.)  Even 'respectable' men can give hickeys, idiot.

Several passages are in flashbacks, and I don't understand A's reaction to an innocent 'prenup' comment read aloud from a gossip column.  She says the 'thought never crossed her mind', so why is she so uncomfortable, when C shakes head head and says there will be none?  Or do I need to leave this one alone?

Resuming My Unanswered Interview Questions....
How long does it take you to write a sex scene? Why do you think this is?

It all depends on how deeply involved I am in the story.  If I've got the world blocked out and the words are flowing, I'll have it knocked out in a matter of minutes.  If the words have to be yanked from my brain screaming and kicking, it may take a little longer.

Case in point:  In my latest wip, I wrote a sex scene in an hour.  But last July, when I had to add one to Love Weighs In,I first had to go back and reread some of my favorite sex scenes in both my books and others, to 'get in the mood'.  Jamie and Susan were still in the foreplay stage, so I had to make it believable, and put myself back into that pre-sex mindset.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of my 2nd grade self and Halloween:)


Sandy said...

First of all, I love your critique. I have made those same mistakes though, but they never got published. lol

I used to have a very difficult time writing love scenes, but the last few have come with writing binges that made me horny. lol

Melissa Keir said...

I've never read the books. I couldn't get into the idea. I like a rich man but hope he is interested in me for more than sex but is willing to talk and share dreams with me.

Cara Marsi said...

I love, love your critiques of TWSNBN. Some love scenes are easier for me to write than others. I guess it all depends on the characters and what emotions I want to show to move the story.

Molly Daniels said...

@Sandy: Thank you:) I'm glad you're enjoying them!

@Melissa: Me too! And don't read the books; they make your blood pressure go up, lol!

@Cara: I'm soooo glad you and Sandy enjoy my crit posts!