Thursday, October 24, 2013


Currently Reading:  Finished Sweet Salvation and enjoyed it:)  Did NOT see the plot twist coming; I thought it was someone else.  Good job!  Now I'm on The Biker Next Door by Jamallah Bergman.

I think I left off with the beginning of Ch. 5, and I'm happy to say the complaints are few and far between, with the exception of this chapter.  There's not much which is pulling me out of the story, but what does are minor things:

1)  Why is she so concerned about his ability to read her?  I'd love for my man to 'get' me; it saves a lot of mis-communication.  And when he swats her, why does she seem startled and 'yelp'?  She's had her ass spanked with a belt and flogger; maybe she wasn't expecting a playful swat to the behind?  

2)  I've seen no evidence of this 'tell me' expression she's supposedly been perfecting.

3)  The last time I checked, the subconscious mind couldn't read on its own, let alone tell the conscious mind the title....

4)  He's clearly joking about beating her if she dents the car, so why does she first feel fear, then anger about it?  Or is this more of her victimization

5)  Pg 107:  Her emotions swing all over the place; why the suspicion his do too?  Isn't it possible for him to change his mind?

6)  "Makes me feel like a wayward child..."  And you call this a healthy relationship?

Ch. 6:
1)  Why is she embarrassed this woman arrived with her blouse unbuttoned as far as her own, due to hastily dressing?  Oh, that's's only been a few months since being de-flowered.  Modesty prevails...and what IS it with every other female drooling over C?

2)  Compassion for the bodyguard?  Why does she not stick up for him?  It wasn't his fault traffic was heavy.

Ch. 7:
OMG....he's giving her the company after only one freaking year on the job and after college?  Not making her gain experience first?

Ch. 8:
1)  G arrives, I may have mixed up the scenes in this chapter and in Ch. 6....why is A fuming about G's neckline?

2)  Why is A exasperated about C's trust in her instincts all of a sudden?  All she's said in the first two books is 'trust me'.   Ok, he does....and now you roll your eyes?

3)  As soon as C leaves, the confrontation 'Leave my hubby alone; he's mine!'.  I N S E C U R I T Y.

I'll read another few chapters this week and report back next Thursday.  Come back tomorrow for the events which took place Halloween 2003:)


Melissa Keir said...

Again, thank you for saving us.

Marianne Stephens said...

How did this get published? Oh. I forgot. Big NY publisher...and apparently the editing isn't stellar.
Maybe the editor didn't read the first two books...or really want to read this one?

Sandy said...

Thanks, Molly, but I think I might be afraid to have read mine. lol

Really, Marianne, the book was published by a NY publisher???

Molly Daniels said...

@Melissa: You're welcome:)

@Marianne: Too funny!

@Sandy: Yes, sadly, this was published by none other than Vintage Books, an off-shoot of (drum roll) Random House! Yes, somebody screwed up, but thanks to the 'buzz', has managed to keep his/her job, and is now laughing all the way to the bank. We all should be so lucky.