Wednesday, October 9, 2013

HDH #24

Today's snippet is from the current wip.  This is the next day, Kayla coming down from the initial shock of the breakup.

Kayla closed the laptop, then pulled on a pair of clean jeans and a comfortable shirt while she waited for her coffee to finish brewing.  Normally, Hunter would be arriving by now, and we’d have time for a quickie before breakfast.  Tears threatened, but she blinked them away.  I just bought that new package of danish; I guess it’ll last longer now.  She pulled one out of the carton and removed the wrapping.  Placing it on a napkin, she set it in the microwave to warm while she got her coffee cup out of the cabinet and poured a steaming amount into it.
            Nothing like that first cup of coffee to get you going.  With a pang, she remembered Hunter’s favorite comment every morning.  It’s true; I always close my eyes as I’m taking that first taste.  Oh Hunter, how long before I get you out of my head?  Kayla heard the beep of the microwave timer and set down her mug to retrieve her favorite pastry.  I didn’t realize my house was so quiet without him.  Normally they would discuss their plans for the day, and share humorous memes on Face Book.  I’m not even in the mood to update my status, or to even see his.  I don’t think I could bear changing my relationship status yet.  I’ll do it later.  

The words are flowing in small spurts, but at least I'm not staring at the blank page trying to yank them out of my head.  That's progress:)

Ready for another question?
Are there any subjects you want to write about, but don't?

Don't hate me; I would love to explore both sides of the infidelity issue.  Is it all just about one person trying to have their cake and eat it too?  Trying to pull one over on their spouse?  Boredom?  Just can't keep their pecker in their pants/legs together?  Or does it go deeper; marrying too young/too fast/settling instead of looking for their soul mate?  Why not just divorce?  Does religion play a part?  Or an unwillingness to become a statistic?  I know; that last one's a stretch.  Is it all about trying to break up a family, or is it just about keeping sane in an unhappy marriage?  That last one is what I heard from a close friend.  He argued it was a 'victimless crime', but I disagreed.  Someone will always love more, and be hurt when it's over.  I think that's why he hasn't spoken to me about his indiscretions anymore....Anyway, I've got an MS nearly finished on this subject, but if I ever get the courage to publish it, it may have to be self-pubbed.  I don't think either of my publishers would want to touch it.


Sabrina Devonshire said...

I could really feel her pain - nice hook. As for the other work, why don't you post some of it for us to look at. I just independently published my first book this week and its kind of nice to be in control of everything - but I paid a lot for editing and cover...

Cathy Brockman said...

great hook. I too am workignon selfpublishing and its costingme a lot for editing and the cover. I have someone going to format free for me.I got burned once sgning a contract wiht a small publisher and am a bit gunshy. Going to see how this goes.

Linda said...

I totally with he. The changes are all around in every little things, it's so painful.

Michelle Hoefle said...

Her pain came through very well. Nice job.