Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Beginning To Look Like Halloween!

Our house:)  Now if we can find the giant spider; we put it up where it wouldn't get torn up, and now can't remember where we hid it!

Me as a shipwrecked pirate:)  I wanted the RenFair costume, but the pirate one was $20 less.

KJ Mark and Jackie, singing 'Stop Draggin' My Heart Around' at Halloween Karaoke Party

Kelly as 'Long Dong Silver' and playing air guitar with his fake schlong during a music break.  Even funnier, that's his cousin Sally in the Playboy Bunny costume!

Lining up for costume contest:  The pirate standing next to the Samurai warrior won 1st prize.

Alexandria, our 'Queen Bee'.

Sunday Night Programs:
Amazing Race:  I was soooo hoping Marie and what's-his-name would get penalized for not having their clue, but thankfully they gave Team ER Docs the other Express Pass!  And cannot believe 'Pinky and the Brain' used their pass!  There. Was. No. Need!!!  What's Pinky going to do now when she's up against a difficult challenge?  Demand the ER Docs give it back?

I'm sooooooo disappointed the Team Hippie Dudes were eliminated last night!!!!  Noooooooo......who am I going to root for now???

The Good Wife:  WOW!  Every time you think this show is getting stagnant and predictable, they prove you wrong.  At the end of last season, I was hoping she was calling Will.  Nope, she called Carey.  Then, they were doing a great job of being on the down-low as they prepared to start their own firm.  Nope, last week, Diane got suspicious.  This week, all hell broke loose within the first ten minutes!  Talk about staying-on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense!  Can hardly wait to see what's brewing for next week!

Karaoke Update:
ET (Katy Perry):  Did better than I thought!  Going to have to catch this on on video:)
Edge of 17 (Stevie Nicks):  I wasn't sure if Mark had Eye of the Tiger, so put this one in.  Did well:)
Dream On (Aerosmith):  Got a nice round of applause at the end:)

Important Announcement Tomorrow!


Sandy said...

I want to be at your house, Molly.

I don't care for Amazing Race anymore. I got tired of all the fighting between the pairs. Yuck!

Your right about The Good Wife. It gets better every year.

Melissa Keir said...

Great decorations! I can tell you really enjoy the holiday! So happy that you have found some wonderful success with the E's! :)