Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday, Monday....

Currently Reading:  Loved, loved, LOVED Kellie Kamryn's Pleasure Island!  Sign me up for this place, lol!  Recommended Read:)  Now onto Champagne and Lemon Drops by Jean Oram.

Welcome to another exciting Monday morning and Amazing Race rant:)  This one's pretty mild, though...
Marie:  Will someone steal that extra Express Pass from her while she's sleeping?  I swear; she's acting like the other teams have to swear fealty to her or something before she'll give it up.  I'd love see her and 'Brenchel' go at it (shudder)

NFL stars:  Poor guys had transportation issues, with flight delays, miscommunication, and airplane malfunctions.  Loved the final scene, when they finally arrive in Lisbon, to be met at the airport by Phil.

"Whoa....that can't be good."

"Guys, I'm sorry to tell you the other teams have checked in.  You have been eliminated."

My question:  Why wasn't this a non-elimination leg?  Come on; cut the guys some slack and give them a second chance already!  This wasn't (okay, yeah, they made a bad decision!) their fault, so give them an Express Pass to the next season?????  That's my opinion.  These guys WON the 2nd leg of the race; don't count them out because of a bad travel gamble....

Karaoke Update:
First of all, I passed out cookies to KJ Mark and his son Kelly, then handed another package to Frank, the bartender.  He asked if I wanted a glass of Merlot, since that's all the wine he had.

"But I don't have any $$ on me!"

"You just gave me cookies!  You want it or not?"

I accepted, then took my wine and two glasses of water back to our table.  Meanwhile, Kelly and his g/f have moved theirs forward.  I placed the drinks on our table, and went to move it forward.  The table tipped, and my entire glass of wine, save for about an inch, spilled on the table and floor.  Melissa returns from the bathroom and makes a crack about people who can't hold their liquor.  Then when Mark called her up, she changed her song and announced, "This goes out to people who can't handle their alcohol.  Not gonna name any names....Molly!"  And went into Call Me When You're Sober.  I jumped up to sing it with her, then after the song said, "I spilled my drink moving a table before I even took a sip!"

We rocked the place:)

Come To My Window:  Did well, but was just slightly warbly in a spot here and there.  It had been a while since I'd last sung it.

Edge of 17:  Mel wanted to hear me sing it, so I threw this one in, before anyone else could do it.

Enough of Me:  Was told it sounded good, but I wasn't happy with it.  Took it off my list.

Got a treat for you tomorrow:  Friend and fellow author Liz Crowe will be here with her new book, Good Faith.  I've read part of her Stewart series and can hardly wait to read more:)

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