Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter Mess

Currently reading: This Side of Innocence, by Tayler Caldwell
E-books: The Goddess and the Ghost, by Amarinda Jones. I'm on Chapter 3...I keep getting interrupted! Maybe when I get home from taking the kids to school, I'll sit down and read it, before I start my chores!

There's a Scrooge loose in Indianapolis.

Yesterday morning, my hubby braved the 2 inch snowfall to go collect his two-hour show-up time on the jobsite, only to discover that someone had stolen his license plate right off the car! Screws and all...

The incident cost him $9 at the BMV; loss of his show-up time (unless the boss counts his stopping to talk to the boss on his way to the BMV); and $5 at the hardware store for new screws. And had it not snowed, it would have been at least half a day's pay.

Thankfully, we didn't get any down here. Just the bitterly cold wind. I dropped a pork loin in my slow cooker and made cookies all afternoon. Kids walked in the door at 3:30 and it was, "Oh, Mom...something smells soooo good!"

Yesterday: 8 dozen chocolate chip.
Today: 11 doz M&M and 4 doz PB chip.

Good News: Son came home and announced he passed ISTEP! 581-English (need 551) and 675-Math (need 560):) He can now happily graduate in 2010 and not have to worry about passing the ISTEP anymore....just the SAT's...


Anny Cook said...

Congrats to your son. Boo to the scrooge. Cookies sound wonderful!

Bronwyn Green said...

Yay for your son!!!

I'm just shaking my head over the license plate theif. :(

Phoenix said...

Yeah, I once had my sticker tab stolen off my plate in Minnesota. Didn't know it til I was pulled over the week after we had put it on and the cop told me to get it replaced and then he cruised the parkinglot of my job the next day. Phooey to him, cause my husband took my car that next day for the tab and I drove his car. The cop wouldn't have found me. We got it replaced for more than 20$ later after having just paid that to get it in the first place. Plus the pull over tix $88. Ugh Ugh Ugh. I was so mad. Who does that!?

Unknown said... you can make cookies huh? I thought only the supermarket fairies made them

Molly Daniels said...

During the month of December, I'm the Sugar Queen...cookies, brownies, and birthday cakes:)