Friday, November 21, 2008

Book MeMe and Did You See THAT?

OMG! Did anyone else watch Survivor last night? BOY did they pull a fast one over on Corinne and Randy!

If you haven't watched it yet and don't want to know, keep scrolling. If you're laughing along with me, do you think Sugar should have tried to keep her emotions under control?

First of all, last week Bob (physics guy) found where the hidden Immunity Idol could be. He made a fake one, and instead of placing it in the hiding place (ala Yao Man and Ozzy), he took it back to camp. And showed it to Sugar.

Meanwhile, Randy concocts this insane scheme to get Susie kicked off. Basically, he'll act like an ass; get the five others to vote for him, and pray that Bob has found the idol and will give it to him. His votes are thrown out; boom...Susie's on the jury.

Didn't. Quite. Happen!

Bob and Sugar come up with a plan to blindside Randy. Bob will give him the fake one and sit back and watch the fireworks! And what happens at Tribal Council? Corinne, Randy, and Bob vote for Susie. Kenny, Sugar, Matty, Susie, and a very verbal Crystal (everyone heard her blasting Randy at the voting diary camera!) voted for Randy. Randy pulled out the fake idol, and watched in disbelief as Jeff tossed it in the fire.

"This is not an Immunity Idol."

Randy is now the 3rd member of the jury and not a happy camper. Meanwhile, Sugar is laughing so hard, I'm surprised she's not rolling on the floor! Crystal does a slightly better job at keeping hers contained; Bob does the best job of all. His poker face doesn't reveal anything.

Who do YOU think will ultimately win? Unless Sugar gets blindsided in the next few weeks, she may cruise right to the final four or even two.

Book MeMe
1) My earliest favorite book I can recall was 'Spaghetti Eddie', in either kindergarten or 1st grade. I also loved my Disney Read-a-Long books, where the RECORD would play ("Turn the page when Tinkerbell waves her little wand like this..") and I'd sing along with the songs.

2) My mother gave me four biographies: Harriet Beecher Stowe, Julia Ward Howe, Mary Mapes Dodge, and Sacajawea. I took HBS to school one day and my 2nd grade teacher realized I was reading at a higher level. She took me to the 'big kid's' library (4th, 5th, and 6th grade) and let me check out books on her card. I devoured Martha Washington, Virginia Dare, Jessie Fremont, Jane Addams, and Rachel Jackson, to name a few.

3) By the third grade, I was eagerly reading my mom's Cherry Ames books. And was VERY angry with my teacher, because the only way I could return to the 'big library' was once a week after Girl Scouts. My mom was an assistant leader, and while she was socializing after the meeting, I skipped across the aisle and could be found rereading the biographies!

4) I dressed up as Abigail Adams for a book report in the 4th grade. (Part of an entire class project...we had to choose a book and dress like the main character.)

5) Discovered Nancy Drew in the 5th grade. And thanks to a certain Student Teacher, found out I could actually write down all those stories in my head!

6) I astounded my grandmother when we visited her for 3 weeks. She was into mysteries and made weekly trips to the library. I went with her and wanted to check out six or eight books. She made me put all but three back. I had them read by the next day. She took me back again and let me check out as many as I wanted!

7) Since I love to reread books, I prefer to buy them, rather than check them out of the library. I own almost the entire Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Cherry Ames, and Louisa May Alcott collections. And if I pass garage sales, used book stores, or displays with old books, I'm always on the lookout for more Bobbsey Twins, Honey Bunch, Dana Girls, Vicki Barr, or any other books I've read but don't own. There's nothing more irritating than to remember a storyline, or a character, and not remember the book title. I would still love to reread the biographies mentioned in #2, as well as my junior high titles I loved.

I don't know if there's anyone left that Kelly didn't already tag; I'll pick BB Walters, J Lynn Rogers, Ashley Ladd, Dakota Rebel, Regina Carlysle, and the ladies of the Deadly Vixens.

And stop by Ashley Ladd's and tell her Happy Birthday!

Have a good weekend; I have my Santa Stroll signing tonight and tomorrow. If you're in the area, come by and dance with me tonight! The Swing Band will be playing at Zanders after the parade! Come on in; warm up with some hot broccoli-cheese soup and be my jitterbug partner?


Anonymous said...

Great meme! I've never been a non-fiction or biographies kinda gal but I really wish I had learned to love reading at a younger age.

I LOVE Bob. He's wonderful. I'm thinking that Randy will wonder if Sugar set Bob up... eventually cause the guy is a little thick. But maybe he'll begin to wonder if Bob thought it was real and Sugar made it after all those times on Exile because in the end, Bob still voted for Susie as he said he would. I hope so. I want Bob to win sooooo badly.

Regina Carlysle said...

I started out with the biographies too and actually read Harriet Beecher Stowe and Sacagawea in second grade. I loved them.

Molly Daniels said...

I can identify with the way HBS wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin...she literally locked herself in her room and wrote...and wrote...and wrote...

At the time, I thought, 'WOW! I wonder if I could do that!'

Fast-forward twenty years...I DID do that:) Of course, my stuff won't start a war, but then again, it may make people think a little?? Maybe??

I applaud Bob for sticking with his alliance, even though he knew the double-cross was coming! That shows he'll honor his word. And I agree; Randy is sooooooo clueless at times! I didn't like him from episode #1, and though he's had some (cough) redeeming times, he's just a bitter, set-in-his-ways ass.

Molly Daniels said...

BTW...I'm adding Mona Risk and Jamie Carie to my tagging...

Gracen Miller said...

Hi, ya! What's this MeMe tagging stuff? Trying to decide if I need to tag someone over at The Deadly Vixens, since you tagged us. *grins* I am sooooo computer terminology illiterate that it's not funny any more. Thanks for MeMe tagging us Vixens. It is an honor, right?

Wow! Molly, you are very well read. My earliest memories of book reading, was Cinderella (I wanted to be her) read to me by my mom, and then in third grade, The Box Car Children. I read that book at least a dozen times. I wanted to BE the Box Car Children. lol I read it with my son a couple of years ago and it didn't have the same appeal as before. :-( I was terribly dissapointed. I did enjoy Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin. Their adventures were a hoot (that's Southern terminology for "a blast")!

I don't remember reading much after that until middle school when my granny handed me one of her romances, The Flame and the Flower, by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I've been hooked ever since. Read that particular book several times.

Like you, I keep my books and re-read them. I cut my teeth on historical romance and then started reading some horror with Stepehn King and others. When paranormal romance came out, I barely could contain myself. Yippee!!

Interesting blog, btw, Molly. Enjoyed reading it. Well, honestly, I skipped over the Survivor part because I'm not a viewer. Thursday night is my Supernatural viewing night. =)

Molly Daniels said...

So is my son! We DVR both Supernatural and CSI (thank god for two TVs!) since they are on at the same time!

I left this out, but I've said it 1st romance novel was The Flame and the Flower at the tender age of 12. I had my first boyfriend and figured I was old enough to read it. Hmmm...there's another blog post altogether. I read other books for weird reasons! Thank God my mom was open-minded:)

barbara huffert said...

Nope, still don't get the whole reality TV thing. Hm, do you think maybe I should try watching it sometime? Maybe that would help.

Anny Cook said...

Have a wonderful week! Great meme.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes! It's been an absolutely awesome week.