Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Currently Reading: I loved A Grand Seduction! I thought the plot would go one way...it didn't. Then I thought it would do something else....it veered off in a different direction and had me completely stymied up until the last chapter! A definite recommended read! Good job, Ms Logan!

I'm on the 1st chapter of Prime Time by Vicki Burkholder. And halfway through Phyllis Campbell's Always My Love. Kelly, you might enjoy this one, seeing as how it was your first genre...hmmm...when did you say your birthday was again???

I'm so excited! Click here to join in the party with me!

This may have been the creative boost I needed. I'm going to finish dancing around the room, shower, and get my fingers back on the keyboard where they belong, instead of scrolling my mouse wheel as I read.

I'm still over at Coffee Time Romance too, so come join in the fun! Several authors are giving away free books, so come on over!


Anonymous said...

Not for awhile my dear. :) Thanks for the recommendation. I hadn't heard of that book and I do love Regency. Thanks!

Sandra Cox said...

Hope your muse is on your shoulder.

Carol Preflatish said...

Congratulations, Molly! Cyber chocolate and Margaritas all around.