Thursday, November 6, 2008

Musical Childhood

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TWW: I've been prayed over for the choice language in my books. And received a letter last year, inviting me to 'meet her friend who died on the cross'. I already have a close personal relationship with Him, thankyouverymuch!

Earlier this week, Anny Cook talked about music from her childhood, and wondered if anyone remembered singing "Purple People Eater". A few of us responded with that line from the chorus.

I grew up in a household where my mom loved the Beatles, Neil Diamond, Elvis, and Elton John. My dad, however, prefered Wagner, Mozart, Tcheichovsky (I hope I'm spelling that right!), and Beethoven. Quite a difference there.

My earliest memory of songs is singing along to 'Me and You and a Dog Named Blue'; the Carpenters 'Top of the World' and 'Only Yesterday'. We also watched Sonny and Cher, and I remember taking my 45 of 'Dark Lady' to school when we were allowed to bring in our own music. My best friend introduced me to Tony DeFranco, and I think I ended up buying 'Heartbeat, It's a Love Beat' three times, due to record breakage or skipping too badly. Remember stacking pennies on the arm to avoid the skips?

My sister and I fell in love with the Neil Diamond and Elvis 8-tracks, and I'm surprised we didn't wear out 'I am the Lion' (ND) or 'Jailhouse Rock' and 'Teddy Bear'. I was 10 or 11 when Elvis died. I was in my room when Mom came in and told me.

My grandparents watched Laurence Welk, so I also got to know earlier songs, and dreamed of dancing with Bobby and Cissy, or even Laurence himself. I wanted to sing with the accordian player, or play the piano on the set. My grandmother had three music boxes which I fortunately inherited. The first is in the shape of an old radio, playing 'Second Hand Rose'; the second is a mill, complete with the wheel that turns while 'Down By the Old Mill Stream' plays; a third is silver grand piano which plays 'Somewhere My Love.'

We drooled over Hee Haw; I had a toy guitar that I would hold and imitate Buck Owen. For the record, I never mastered the guitar; the strings hurt my fingers too badly. But I did master the art of recreating any short song on one string! No chords; only melody. And very choppy.

Later, my sister and I fought over Donny Osmond, Shaun Cassidy, and the Bay City Rollers. Does anyone remember the Saturday morning Captain Cool and the Kongs? I only vaguely remember the outlandish costumes, but I do remember watching when the cast whittled down to only four, and we oohed and aahed over the Captain. And also speculated when Woody of the Bay City Rollers would take off his shirt during their show.

We also watched Captain and Tenille, and found out we liked 'Butterscotch Mountain' better than 'Shop Around'. It was the 'B' side of the record that we played out of curiosity!

We almost couldn't get enough of 'One Tin Soldier', 'Those Were The Days', and various Peter, Paul, and Mary songs.

I've only recently discovered I've been a closet Kiss fan; I ordered their Greatest Hits CD, and on the first disk, there are several songs that I remember, but didn't know Kiss sang! I was never allowed to buy their albums.

In high school, I joined the band and also dated a tuba player who loved the classics. He introduced me to The Planets, a collection of instrumentals named after the planets. We both decided Jupiter Symphony outshone the rest. My dad was thrilled when I asked to borrow his tape! I had to buy him a new one a year later; it got caught in my tape player and broke.

My senior year, I was hooked on Foreigner (I had secretly loved Head Games in the 6th grade, but again, Mom refused to let me buy the album!), Def Leppard, Styx, and Journey. In college, I dated a guy who liked Judas Priest and Pink Floyd. I only can take so much of JP; in fact, I think 'Turbo Lover' is the only song I have of theirs!

And now, as the mother of three children in various musical stages, my oldest son commented last night, 'Most parents don't like their kids' music, but you do!' Case in point: Two years ago, he expressed an interest in a song by Hinder, which I had my reservations about. I found it way to sexually explicit for a then-fourteen year old, but the song was catchy. I bought the CD in order to screen it first, especially when I discovered I loved the second song released. I couldn't get enough of that album, and ended up buying another one for him! I ended up keeping the unedited one; his is more PG.

I never did get into rap, but there are a few songs out there I do like. 'Ice Ice Baby', 'The Wild Thing', 'Funky Cold Medina', 'Parents Just Don't Understand', and others by Will Smith.

Country? I love Reba, Kenny Rogers, The Judds, Brooks and Dunn, Garth Brooks, and Big and Rich.

Christian? Love Carman, Amy Grant, Sandy Patti, and The Gaithers.

Why do I bring this up? My father called and invited me to see an opera next week. Ever since my Music Appreciation class, I've wanted to see one, especially Aida. No word on which opera we will be seeing, but as Dakota pointed out, this will give me a chance to hang out with my dad and be with him and the music he loves.

Now if my mom would just come up with some Neil Diamond tickets....

"Mommy? Will you put that song on about the Reverend Blue Jeans?"

"You mean Forever in Blue Jeans!"

What are your childhood faves? Any bungled lyrics you'd care to share?

'Sugar fried honey butts...'

'She's got a chicken to ride and it's in my hair...'


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Molly Daniels said...

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