Sunday, November 16, 2008

Father/Daughter Bonding

Boy (T) meets Girl (L) and fall in love.

T goes off to war; L decides she doesn't want to wait and marries A.

T returns home; finds out L is married; professes love to S.

L discovers T is home and decides she wants him back.

S, now pregnant, discovers T and L's affair and in a fit of jealousy, tells A.

A confronts T and in anger, kills T.

Is this the latest Hollywood scandal?

TV News headliner?'s the plot of Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana ('Rustic Chivalry') Opera my father and I attended last night!

Some stories are truly timeless.

The music was beautiful; the emotions were very well expressed; the English sub-titles were prominently displayed on the screen above the stage. And our seats, though slightly uncomfortable, were in the 1st balcony and we had a clear view of the stage.

Later, after coming home, my dad invited me to watch a 20 minute segment of one of his favorite operas, Die Valkyrie. It reminded me of part King Lear, part Sleeping Beauty. And I discovered it doesn't really matter what I'm watching; as long as my itchy back is being scratched, I'll watch almost anything!

But I did enjoy the music, again, subtitles were in use. Some day I may sit and watch the entire opera with him.

Or maybe we'll just make this our annual father/daughter thing every time I visit.

After all, this particular opera is twelve hours long. I don't think Dad's fingernails (or his arm!) would last that long!

I'm headed for home as soon as I finish gathering up the clothing my children left behind last month. Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was very musical!


barbara huffert said...

Sounds like you and Dad had a wonderful time.

So you know, my coworker finally made it through Sweeney Todd...and liked it!

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Barb! I have yet to see Sweeney...