Friday, November 28, 2008

The Morning After...

Currently Reading: While waiting for the computer to finish loading, I read the rest of Paige's Spicing up Her Marriage trilogy. The stories were well told; this was just slightly too much out of my comfort range. I'll read it again in a few years. And I took a small break last night, letting my dinner digest while I read some more of Holding Out for a Hero. I'm on chapter 5 and it is getting interesting! And in the e-book format, I'm still halfway through Cindy Green's A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Your Wedding. And while I'm on Amazon today, I'm getting two of Ms Kirch's books, More Than Words and Marriage Proposal. My mom refuses to read books on the computer. I'm also buying Sandra Cox's Akasha, Mona Risk's To Love a Hero, and Brynn Paulin's Tribute for the Goddess.

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! I was up late last night, making up food packages for several people:

-My spouse and J, to stock food in her fridge for herself, the two little ones, and anyone else she knows who need it;
-My neighbor, who claimed she couldn't cook, yet did a beautiful job on the 12- pounder and pies;
-Two other friends, one of whom is very ill and couldn't make it to our house yesterday;
-Ended up having to put some of the leftovers in the van, as the fridge is now stuffed to capacity! But with one Care Package on its way, now there is slightly more room. The kids are going to be sick of turkey by Monday! But thanks to my friend Carol, I now have a fantastic recipe for Turkey Pot-Pie. Everyone enjoyed it last year after Christmas!

I also found a fun appetizer while watching Paula Deen on the Food Network last weekend. Simple, really. Take a box of toasted Sesame sticks; wrap them individually in uncooked bacon (I had to cut my bacon strips in half, because the Pepperidge Farms one were short); lay them side by side on a cookie sheet; sprinkle with pepper; bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. When they come out, immediately sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Let them cool, and enjoy! I didn't particularly care for them, but my neighbor D couldn't stop eating them, and others enjoyed them too! I only made 42; they were all gone by 9pm! Think I'll make them again for Christmas, and take them to my aunt's party.

Black Friday
I have a 'date' with in a few minutes. I'm buying several gifts online this year, and am not starting my serious shopping until next week. My oldest will turn 17 next week, and we have yet to hammer out the details of getting one of his Morgan County friends down here. K found the present he wanted ON SALE the other day, and since it was $100 LESS than what we thought we were going to have to pay, and the only one left in the store, he left his two friends to push the thing around in a shopping cart while he came home to get the money. And now he's slightly put out because I won't let him set up the Guitar Hero World Tour set until December 6th. Am I a mean mommy or what? I told him I could be even nastier and make him wait until his actual birthday on the 8th...that settled him down, lol:)

Favorite Thanksgiving Memory
Actually, I have two.

1) The year I was in the 8th grade, my parents decided to check us all into the wonderful Holiday Inn Holidome, and my sis and I had our own room. We were given free reign; we could swim, play video games, and eat all we wanted in the restaurant, once we ate Thanksgiving dinner as a family. Mom and Dad went to their room; my sis and I hit the pool. On Friday, Dad went back to work, and Mom, sis, and I went shopping.

2) 1985. The highlight of my college vacation was the fact CABLE had finally made its way out to my parents' house! Mom cooked the turkey and trimmings; my sister and I happily curled up in front of the TV watching 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' on Showtime, and whatever else we could watch for the first time. 'I want my MTV...'

I'm off to finish putting away my leftovers. Several years ago, we ate Thanksgiving dinner at one of hubby's relatives, and were appalled when all the leftovers went into the garbage disposal. My husband was furious; several years ago, the Care Packages that my mother and his mother had sent home with us were what helped stretch the food budget so we could afford Christmas presents for the kids. No food goes to waste at my house!

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