Friday, November 14, 2008


Currently Reading: I am loving Lisa Logan's A Grand Seduction! I'm on chapter 9.

I've noticed this strange ailment lately. I sit down in front of the desktop and all of a sudden I'm experiencing a strange feeling. It's hard to explain, so bear with me.

I feel a sense of anxiety, almost. No, it's not the panic type; more like the 'let's-get-this-over-with-so-I-can-do-something-else' feeling. I've been feeling like this around every 4-6 weeks.

Is my computer making me sick? Am I having an adverse reaction to electronics? Or is it just the fact that I am addicted to my computer and every once in a while Reason tries to pull me away?

Therefore, I've dubbed it 'Computeritis'.

Source of depression, maybe? It flares up even when I'm trying to read my latest e-book. Maybe it's just due to spending overly long periods of time at my desk, since I've been trying to write, participate in the Coffee Time Romance Reader's Retreat Forum, and making a huge dent in my TBB list?

Hmm...I've not noticed it when I'm in front of the laptop. So maybe I should rename it 'Desktopitis'?

Told you I was lousy at descriptio...I think I've finally identified the feeling. It's that low-level queasiness you get, when you're trying to come down with something?? And I've been irritible and short-tempered all day. So maybe I've cauaght a computer virus...hahahahaha....

Not Bad for a 20-Year Absence!
Went to Walmart with my oldest son last night, and the Rock Band display was unoccupied. So we decided to indulge in a little fun. He took the guitar; I got to bang on the drums for the first time since 1984.

He fired up 'Eye of the Tiger', and we began to play. I have bragging rights; I beat him 98% to his 92%! I was having so much fun, when the guy behind us wanted to try, I noticed he was alone and offered to play with him. This time the song was 'Living on a Prayer', and I'll confess I didn't do as well. He scored 93%; mine was a lowly 76%.

And to be fair, both he and my son were on the 'Hard' level; I was on 'Easy'. But for having not ever played this particular game, and not having a set of sticks in my hand in over 24 years, I thought my scores were rather respectable.

Just wait three more weeks: We're getting the full set for my son's 17th birthday. And yes, Mom will be on the drums at least once a day!

So....anyone out there want to join our band this coming year? We're getting the whole enchilada...two guitars, mike, and drums. Son #1 and daughter will be on guitar; I'll be on drums; and we need a lead singer. Come on down and jam with us!

Did you congratulate Dakota yet? I saw that Cindy has some good news too. And you never go wrong with Ashley, Anny, or Three Wicked Writers! Go check 'em out!


Regina Carlysle said...

Mmm. Computeritis. I GOTS IT. Think I need a break from the computer. Feeling writers' burn-out settle in and I'm trying to shake it. It sucks!

Molly Daniels said...

Maybe mine's just PMS...I've wanted to sleep all day.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty burned out right now and very tired in general. But I think my computers are tired of me, too. My lap top died so hubby gave me his old one last night and it just shut down on me a moment ago as I was trying to post here. Is that Peopleitis? or Ashleyitis?

Anonymous said...

Burn out sums it up. So does lack of motivation to get through the ms. If you have the time, switch up the ms and pick something else. OR write something altogether different, just something that sparks your interest. You don't have to do it tomorrow or ever finish it, but it will help shake free the cobwebs.