Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rainy Tuesday

Currently Reading: Oops! I bought the wrong book yesterday. I was originally going to get Crazy for the Cowboy and ended up getting Always a Cowboy instead. So I went back and bought Crazy too. Read half of it; took a break; wrote exactly 49 words; read the rest of it! Now I'm on chapter 6 of Always and loving it! Good job Cindy! It's been a while since I've been interested in reading about cowboys; you're certainly changing my mind!

NaNo Word Count: As stated, I wrote a disgustingly small amount, 49 words. Don't know if today's going to be any better; it depends on how fast I read Cindy's book and if I get inspired. See next to last paragraph of this entry for more.

Was yesterday ungodly long, or was it just me?

Today it is cold and rainy, but I do have some bright spots to pass along. For one, today is my good friends' eighth wedding anniversary. Here's to many more, John and Jackie:)

For another, I received an unexpected compliment the other day. A friend who just finished reading Love is Sober told me, "I liked it. I didn't expect to; I read it, thinking I'd read it just to be nice, but you surprised me!"

Always nice to find another person who couldn't put it down! Now if he'll read Love Finds a Way and tells me the same thing...

On the down side, I had to take my black Lab, Lucky, to the vet to have a cyst removed from her front paw. I'm supposed to call later today to find out how she's doing, and if they removed it today or have to do it tomorrow. Last week he wasn't sure what day he could squeeze her in. She was very puzzled at why I did not feed her this morning, and kept coming into the kitchen whenever I happened to be in there. But nope, no food after Midnight last night. She's going to get lots of TLC in the coming days.

And the other bad news is the other story I subbed for an anthology has been rejected. This one I'm not too upset about, since I felt it was better in the longer format. So now I can redo it the way I originally wrote it. And the other rejection? I can tweak the characters/plot line to fit into the other anthology! Whew...I'm having a major creativity slump at the moment, so maybe this will pull me out of it? NaNo isn't doing it. I still say I need a vacation in the Carribbean by myself! See Kenzie's Place for more.

What's going on in your part of the world?


Anonymous said...

Writing like a fiend over here. Good luck on nano.

Sandra Cox said...

Hope your muse comes to visit you soon--temperamental creature that she is.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

so glad you like my cowboys, but get back to work, woman!