Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time To Get Busy...

Currently Reading: Loved Immortal Warrior! I'm looking forward to the next book in this series, about Vikings who were cursed into immortality/spending part of their days or nights as various animals! Wow...for a book I wasn't sure I was going to like, this one now has me hooked! Great job, Lisa Hendrix!

And last night I started Phyllis Campbell's Her Knights of Seduction. I'm on chapter 6. And yes, Vicki, I'l get back to Prime Time...between writing, blogging, keeping up with my email, chatting, and posting to the Coffee Time Romance forum, not to mention my kids having to do homework on the computer, I just didn't have time to sit down and read any e-books this week. Another reason why I need an e-reader...

Several things need to happen this week.

1) I need to write 45K between now and next Sunday, in order to attain my NaNo word count. Oh wait...I decided to not put pressure on myself. Maybe I can at least finish chapter 2? I DID finish the scence swirling in my head as of last Tuesday...

2) We're hosting Thanksgiving at our house, and have a small problem of an incontinent dog. I plan on attacking the living room tomorrow, and thoroughly dust, vacuum, and spray that Pet Odor Neutralizer stuff all over her bed and the couch. Since I've yet to find a new couch for the holidays (so far, anyway...more on this later), I may end up tossing an old bedspread over the whole thing on Thursday. Or remind the kids to move Lucky to the basement at night!

3) I'll do the same thing Tuesday with the dining room/my office/S's bedroom/W's toy room. I've already boxed up the majority of the toys he doesn't play with anymore; now if I can just keep him out of them. When I arrived home yesterday, several of them had made their way back upstairs. 'Look favorite!'

4) VistaPrint is going to love me around tax time. Why? I completely gave away all my freebies this weekend. I had forgotten to have new bookmarks made (gave them all away at the Fall Festival-head smack!), and since there was not time to have new ones made (I discovered this fact Friday night when I set up the dislay!), I proceeded to hand out every postcard. Out of 90+ postcards, I am left with only one. People also snatched up the sticky notes.

5) I may have to 'clean up' my series. This past 'tour' has shown me the majority of people stopping by my booth want Christian Inspirational. While I'm NOT going to take out the sex scenes, I may go through the rest of the books looking for the language. The 'F' word is prolific in my first book; it's only in the second one 3 times, and in the 3rd one once. I've no idea how many times I used it in books 5-7, although I do know of a couple incidences. And Kelly, your book and Phyllis's were picked up by MANY! So I hope your sales increase in the coming months.

6) The majority of the comments I heard once we got to the 'how much are your books' part was, "Money's tight this year." To which I generously asked if they had heard about E-books and how they were only a third of the price. Now I really wish I had an e-reader! I turned the laptop around and brought up Brits in Time, but the majority of those I spoke to were not interested in reading a book on the computer. So maybe things will be better next year, esp if Santa brings me an e-reader!

On today's To-Do list:
-Visiting the MIL
-Documenting hubby's expenses
-Filling his medicine tray
-Grocery shopping
-Re-packing his bag

Did anyone else think this past week dragged? It seems like a month has passed since I went to the opera with my dad instead of only a week! Check out the blogs to the right; from the looks of that list, I won't be online again until either late tonight or tomorrow morning at my regularly scheduled time.


Regina Carlysle said...

If you are in the market for an ereader, Molly, the ebookwise is on SALE for $120 right now. They've done a markdown. I love mine. Very easy to use and it's backlit. Go to the home page at fictionwise and get the details.

Unknown said...

I need a new ereader, too. (BIG hint to my family)

As per Christian Inspirational, I'm surprised to hear so many readers are looking for it as we always hear how M/M and M/M/F are dominating the market right now.

You might be surprised to know Christian Inspirational is what I do in my day job - non-fiction - letters. But I do know the phrasing and I actually have a pretty good idea for a Christian Inspirational fiction I'm considering writing that I thought I might aim at TWRP CI line. So many projects, so little time is the only problem.

But it's good to know.

As per reading on computers and e-readers vs. dead tree books, I think it depends on the generation involved. ALL of my kids love to read and they're always stealing my lap top to read on it. I find in the day job that the older people (my age and particularly older) don't like computers period much less Internet, or perish the thought, getting entertainment from them. There are exceptions to be sure, but I don't think too many. But the day is coming...

Sorry so long. :)