Friday, November 7, 2008

"The Laundry Chute Ate My Jeans!"

Currently Reading: Blind Faith by Claire Thompson. My word goal for yesterday was shot when I took a break to read Mary Martinez's Peek-A-Boo. OMG! I loved it! She did a beautiful job of bringing her characters to life, and now I can hardly wait to read her Enchanted Dreams and Meet Me in Fantasyland. Several times I thought I had figured out who the stalker was, only to realize I was wrong. Want a book to keep you guessing? Go over to Champagne Books and buy your own copy!

Sounds like an excuse a kid would use, huh? "My dog ate my homework.." "My baby brother destroyed my term paper..."

Last week, I threw my brand new jeans down the chute; did everyone's laundry; and now my jeans are missing.

Hubby hasn't called to say I accidentally packed them with his pants; I've looked through my daughter's clothing, but as she wears one size larger than I, they're not there. And there have been no complaints from my oldest son about giving him a pair of 'girly' jeans.

So....where did they go? They aren't trapped somewhere in the chute; it's clear. They aren't lying on the floor beside the chute; I've checked. So the only logical explanation is, they were marked wrong on the OUTSIDE when I bought them, and therefore my daughter now has an extra pair of jeans.

Trouble is, she claims she only has a certain number of pairs and she hasn't 'miraculously' acquired another pair. But it would explain why they are too large around the waist when I wear them! And the other pair I bought at the same time fit just fine.

Switching gears, it's going to be cold tomorrow. Highs only in the mid 40's. And my winter coat should have been replaced last year. Think I'll take a trip over to JC Penney or Kohls to find a new one. Mine's ten years old; zipper's been busted for three years; last year I was miserable in it. So yes, time for a change. Seems to be the mantra for the week.

Happy Birthday LFAW!
My second baby turns 1 today. And has sold a whopping 61 (??) copies in it's first year. My first book 34 in its first year. So either my promotional efforts are getting better, or people are just so sick of me talking about my books they are buying them strictly to shut me up. Hopefully it's the former...

And of course, hopefully if everything works out and both books are rereleased in e-format, sales will continue to grow...

I've been told that I'm not the only one having trouble commenting on the blogs. I used the laptop last night as an experiment, and was able to leave two comments on my own blog. But was I really in the mood to reread everyone's posts and give my witty opinion? No. I was ready to go to bed. But when I get ready to read in a few minutes, I'll switch to the laptop if blogger's not cooperating with my PC and make my presence known again. So hopefully you enjoyed yesterday's 'Memory Lane' and weren't just bored by it!

NaNo Word Count (in case you missed it): I managed to pound out 400 words yesterday. I let my oldest have the van today so I could stay home and write. I'm not even going to touch Claire's book with the curser until I've hit at least 1000 words today!

What's everyone else up to? Check out the blogs to the right and find out! That's where I'm heading next.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the word count. As to the jeans, the chute ate them. Happens all the time.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Kelly:)

Didn't have any problems leaving comments with the laptop. Guess I'd better get used to using it from now on.

Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Molly. I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but, no I can't see your Nano widget. I'm in the electronic hating club too (that hate goes both ways btw). ;-)

As for the jeans...maybe they joined the "sock missing club"!! I have about 10 pairs of socks right now that I can't find the match to. Where do they go??? It's a conspiracy I tell you!! ;-)

Happy Birthday 2nd baby!!! :-)

Keep up the good work with your writing and don't give up on the Nano widget!!!

Molly Daniels said...

I'll figure it out. Thanks for letting me know it didn't work. I'll try again later, or on another computer...

So far, my WC is closer to 600, so I'm doing better than the past 2 days:)

Gracen Miller said...

At this point, I think any word count is better than none. *looks about nervously* Right? *grins*

Agh! I haven't written at all today if that makes you feel any better? I'm going to try to write tonight.

Good luck!

Regina Carlysle said...

Yep. My husband's sock get up and walk off by themselves. It's amazing. Jeans have legs. Maybe that's what happened here. They just walked off.

Congrats on the words. YAY.

Sandra Cox said...

Happy Bday to LFAW:)
Wishing you many sales.
And the magical disappearing jeans...I hate when that happens:)

pmrussell said...

I thought I would stop by and mention that I've contributed to NaNoWriMo for several years, which I mention in my blog. I managed to get my son to do it. He ended up "not hating" it after it was all said and done.

Mary said...

Thanks for the kind words about my Peek A Boo, I really appreciate it.