Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fun Recipe!

Currently Reading: A Grand Seduction by Lisa Logan. I've not started it yet; I was busy all day talking to myself, Cindy Green, Donna Michaels, Deb, and Krista yesterday over at Coffee Time Romance. I've not checked yet to see if any of my excerpts sparked any interest; I'm going to head over there shortly and post my contest questions. Scroll down to yesterday for the correct link; I discovered the link I posted last week didn't lead anywhere!

Got this in an email the other day. Since Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, enjoy!


I thought this sounded good!
Here is a turkey recipe that also includes the use of popcorn as a
stuffing ingredient -- imagine that. When I found this recipe, I thought it
was perfect for people like me, who just are not sure how to tell
when turkey is thoroughly cooked, but not dried out. Give this a try.

8 - 15 lb. turkey
1 cup melted butter
1 cup stuffing (Pepperidge Farm is Good.)
1 cup unpopped popcorn (ORVILLE REDENBACHER'S LOW FAT IS BEST)
Salt/pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush turkey well with melted butter
salt, and pepper. Fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn. Place in
baking pan making sure the neck end is toward the back of the oven.

After about 4 hours listen for the popping sounds. When the turkey's
ass blows the oven door open and the bird flies across the room, it's done.

And, you thought I didn't cook...

Breaking News!
Ashley Ladd nominated me for the 'I Love Your Blog' award! Thanks Ash:)
I'll have to check my friends' blogs to see if they are already nominated, but as of right now, I nominate the following:
-Amarinda Jones
-Dakota Rebel
-Brynn Paulin
-Bronwyn Green
-Kelly Marstad
-Jamie Carie
-Sandra Cox
-Jacqueline Roth
(yes, that's technically eight instead of only seven, but who picked that number anyway? And this way, if someone else has already nominated them, I have a back up!)

Other Breaking News...
Go over to Kenzie's Place for some exciting news!

And Dakota Rebel's too!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nomination, Molly. :) And cute turkey recipe. Heh.

Sandra Cox said...

And thanks for the nomination! I appreciate that!

Unknown said...

You're welcome. Thanks for the recipe. I have to start making up our Thanksgiving menu.