Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reunion Pics

Friday Night:

MS and B, two of our former basketball players.

J and S; I spent most of the evening with them, since they hadn't been at previous reunions.

LC and K; K had organized the 20th, but I hadn't interacted with her much five years earlier. And I'd not seen LC since graduation.
Saturday Night:

LK and myself. L had taken me to the fall dance our senior year. I hadn't seen him since graduation either, and his wife and I got along well.

L-R: MW and his wife; B and his wife. B is my old bff, the one with twin daughters:) M was my dance partner for one song. Somewhere there's a picture of us...I can't find it anymore.

JC, F, and myself. JC is a nighttime DJ up in Indy, and knows a few of my favorite disc jockeys from my favorite radio stations. F organized this reunion and the 10th; he was also our class clown.

T and R, other good friends. T and I had several classes together, and was on the Homecoming Court. R asked me, "You haven't put me in any of your books, have you?"
"No, but the Blue Whale party made it into one."
"Oh lord...I'd forgotten about that one!"

I couldn't end the evening without at least one picture of B and myself! Found out he's back in Indiana and is still doing well. Maybe now we'll keep in touch a little more often?

My main gripe about the evening? None of my old friends dance! And my 'date' cancelled on me; her babysitter bailed on her and she didn't have a backup. So I went alone, and while I enjoyed talking to everyone, I was really in the mood to dance. I'm just not comfortable joining in a group of people I barely know on the dance floor. I tried, but alas...some of the cliques are still in place.
I found it interesting that while I would go off and speak to others for an hour or so, B and I would find our way back to each other, or LK and his wife would find me. And when a group of us decided to migrate to a local bar after the country club kicked us out at midnight, only a handful of people showed up.
I guess we're getting old; we need our sleep! I went, but left after an hour.


Mia Watts said...

Class clown still appears clowny. Basketball players still appear athletic. And you seem happy in all.

Molly Daniels said...

I think I had a better time Friday night, but 'forgot' about my camera! Only took 3 pics that night. Wish I'd taken more.

Oh well...we'll see if I make it to the mini in Oct and again in 5 years...

Anny Cook said...

Looks like you had a good time. Best wishes on getting the hubby back to work!