Friday, September 18, 2009

And You Thought Lying Was Bad?


There are NO words for that evil man on Survivor. He's twisted; devious; and I predict he's going to only destroy this tribe once they see this footage.

We thought Johnny Rotten was bad, because he lied about his grandmother?

This guy spun a sob story about being caught in Hurricane Katrina and losing his dog. Then he proceeded to empty the water canteens, burn socks, and if they don't vote him out QUICKLY, I don't know what damage he's going to inflict.

Oh, he's also a multi-millionaire, not a firefighter.

Can't wait to see what goes down next week; apparently one of the challenges gets violent and Jeff has to actually eject someone from the challenge. Hope it's Russell, and they disqualify him! Send him packing!

Okay; rant over.

Football game tonight at home. I have to make two dozen brownies and work the dessert table at the annual Pork Chop Dinner before the game. My dad is arriving around 5 and we're all going over to have a nice meal before the game. And anyone who wants pizza instead, the local radio station will have plenty!

I'm off to wash the dog. Either a skunk or a fox visited the backyard, and she reeks. I've confined her to the basement until I get her bathed! And no tomato juice in the house...there's a trip to the store....


Regina Carlysle said...

Wow, you are sure BUSY! Brownies and a tomato-juice bath (poor doggie). Hope you have good weather for the game.

Molly Daniels said...

Didn't need the tomato juice after all; smell dissapated. DAughter may see things differently, though, when she gets home!

Not really that just seems like it! Brownies are in the oven, and not due anywhere for another hour. Trying to write:)

Unknown said...

Eeeewww, Russell is a bad bad man. One of my dogs was skunked not too long ago. (((Hugs))) Cause that's NOT a fun process.

Unknown said...

Those brownies sound yummy.

I'm not a Survivor watcher, but that guy sounds like a really evil villain in one of our books.