Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Old Friends and a New 'Do

Told you I'd post some pics from the other reunion:) Above is myself and Suzy on Friday night. She was great about pointing out people I didn't recognize, and even though we weren't really friends in jr high, we've been chatting via FaceBook and catching up on each other's lives.

Do you like the new 'do? Yup...cut all my hair off to just below my ears:) This is myself and Louise; we shared many classes together, and I was actually envious of her writing ability in the 7th grade (I was out of ideas and recycled my 6th grade stuff). And yes, it was cold Saturday night, so I'm glad I was able to borrow a sweatshirt.

Class of 1984. After this was taken, I had several people approach me and ask why I hadn't snuck into the picture! Turns out many of my old friends had forgotten I'd not graduated with them, and others came up to me 'I always wondered what happened to you; you sort of....disappeared!' And obviously, this isn't everyone...in fact, this particular picture is missing four people who showed up later! And there were others I would have liked to have seen who weren't there. Maybe I'll just have to crash the 30th???

Kevin and Beth. Kevin was my neighbor and 'Mr. Popular'. When girls found out I'd been to his house, sat across from him on the bus, and yes, had even seen his (messy) bedroom, they went wild, and pestered me for his phone number. I refused to give it out, and wondered why anyone would be interested in a 'dumb jock' like him! LOL...Kevin, I take back all the nasty things I called you back then...you've turned into a great friend as an adult. And we still didn't get to have that dance!
Beth's boyfriend drove me insane. He would block my locker and demand a kiss for access to my books. I got into trouble from teachers more than once for showing up 'unprepared' for class. I had no desire to kiss the idiot, and couldn't believe he'd do it in front of her, so instead of saying anything, I simply took the wrong books to class, and turned in my assignments the following day.

I had to throw this one in. This is W, 'playing' his grandfather's slide trombone. He can actually blow notes, and put on quite a show for Grandma on Saturday! Too bad he's too young for band. Wonder if anyone's putting on a production of 'Music Man' this year? I've got a band member for you! '76 Trombones'....
Where Did the Summer Go?
It's September already? And temps are in the 70's! Woke up to 51 degrees this morning! Brrr....
I'll post the September schedule tomorrow. Have a good day; today I'm going to try to get back to my FlyLady Zones. Tonight I've also got my Writer's Guild (Laptop Society) meeting. Which means I'd better send out the reminder to everyone.
Have a good day:)


Regina Carlysle said...

Great pics, Molly! Ummm...could you send some of those cooler temps to Texas?

Amber Skyze said...

Nice pics, Molly. I hear ya about the cold temps. We were at 50 this morning. I want summer back! lol

Ashley Ladd said...

It's still hot, here, too. I went to my official 30 year reunion last summer (now it's 31 years - oi!). But I only went to that school for 1 1/2 years. I'd much rather have attended the reunion with the people I went to school with from K - 11 1/2. I actually got invited this year but now I can't afford it. Hopefully, I'll get to go, or crash, that one soon. When I went to my official one last year, I hardly knew anyone. My friends didn't show so I hung out with my cousin's friends I had only slightly known, even though my cousin didn't show, either.

Sandra Cox said...

My husband and son would be very impressed with the Cubs Sweatshirt:)

Molly Daniels said...

LOVE the Cubbies!! Attended Sammy Sosa Day back in 1998 or 99...still have my T-shirt somewhere.

I've been a Cubs fan since High School:)