Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying and Good News:)

How big is a seven-inch cheesecake?
customer to baker at The Cheesecake Factory

The Good News:

Happy Release Day to my friend and fellow author J. Travis Grundon, on his long-awaited and highly anticipated book Anthology of the Living Dead:)

Travis says:

That's right, Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead is now available on


or through any Barnes and Noble book store!!!

The incredible collection features many great authors including:
Del Howison (Stoker award winner)
Axelle Carolyn
Cassandra Lee
Joe Knetter
Eric Enck
Joe Moe
and many, many more!!!

Don't miss out on the best zombie collection of its kind. Get your copy today and come see anthology contributors Justin Brock-Jones and J. Travis Grundon in Nashville, for the Nashville Comic and Horror Fest.


Check it out and spread the infection!!!

J. Trav

Congrats Travis; I know you've been working and waiting for this day for the past 15 months!

Not-So-Good News:
I guess the far southwestern corner of the state has different football rules: According to the scoreboard, our boys lost last night, 35-0. Our boys had no trouble holding them to a no score in the first quarter. Second quarter, the other team scored a TD. No problem; two plays later, we score an 85-yd TD. BUT....the referee made a 'holding' call. No one on our side saw the infraction; we were denied our TD and the ball was put back where it was, plus penalty yardage. We never advanced; they intercepted and scored again.

About halfway through the 3rd quarter, there was an OBVIOUS holding infraction on the opposition's part, on the same play which we had executed in the 2nd, but wait...the refs didn't see it, and they were allowed to keep their points. So the actual score SHOULD have been 25-6. Or 25-7, had we been allowed to kick our extra point.

We'll be back at home next week, but unfortunately the team we're up against is ranked #6 in the state. I don't think it will be very pretty!

I'm off to go get W; he spent the night at a friend's house instead of dragging him with us. Which was a good call; we didn't get home until after midnight. The spousal unit has returned and gone to try to get a good days' sleep, so I'll be doing laundry and working on Ch 3 of Class Reunion.

Have a good weekend! Did you remember to wish Brynn a Happy Birthday yesterday?


Unknown said...

I don't know much about football. Hubby was a football player. I guess I'm awful as I don't even know what position he played. He went to a rival high school. All I know about that is that his school's team and mine were the two worst in the league. I went to the high school football games mainly for the half times. :)

Anny Cook said...

Better luck next time!

Unknown said...

Okay that was a stupid question! lol
Sorry about your son's football game. Hopefully next week will be better.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

WHAT?! No lyric for him? What's up with that? Sorry about the loss, but my boys (Cowboys) won. Yay!

Regina Carlysle said...

Sorry about the game!!!!! Just remember the season is just starting. You'll have plenty of celebratory moments this season.