Friday, September 11, 2009

"Let's Roll!"

Currently Reading: LOVED Rescuing Clarice! I love the POV...I write this way!! Maybe there's hope for my series yet????? Next up: The Oath, books 1 & 2 by Adrianne Brennan. I'm also reading Wed Him Before You Bed Him by Sabrina Jeffries:)

Famous words spoken eight years ago which prevented an airplane from crashing into God-only-knows-what.

I had an interesting experience last night; K had to interview someone about their 9/11 experience, and he chose me. At first, I had no trouble answering questions such as 'where were you when you heard the news' and 'how did your daily life change afterwards'. But when he asked if I had anything else that hadn't been addressed, I said yes, and began to describe the heroism of the workers, the people on Flight 93...and got emotional. And darn it, the kid even typed 'wipes tearful eyes as she speaks' into the answers!

A Washington Post reporter came to his school and interviewed his class concerning 9/11. According to K, the article can be found in the Washington Post, the New York Times, US News, and our local paper. I'm heading out soon to pick up a copy.

To Lisa Beamer...may we never forget your husband Todd's actions. I hope your son or daughter knows and understands what a hero his/her daddy was eight years ago.

In Other News...
Don't forget I'm posting as Kenzie on Coffee Time Romance Reader's Retreat Forum until the 20th:) Here's the link again: http://www.coffeeti meromance. com/board/ forumdisplay. php?f=14

Tonight we will be travelling (hopefully!) to Mt Vernon for a football game. I have to provide bananas for the entire team tonight, because someone is already bringing the granola bars! I had a choice: Cheese crackers or bananas. I consulted K and his friend J, who both eagerly shouted, 'Ohhhh...Bananas! We LOVE bananas!'

Okay...55 bananas coming up. Just hope I have enough money left over for gas, game tickets, and dinner!! If I don't, there's always Melissa's birthday party:)


Unknown said...

I need to sit and read. I feel like I haven't read in so long. Enjoy the football game!

Regina Carlysle said...

That's a LOT of bananas!

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) Have to have at least one per football player, plus the coaches and trainers. And let's not forget the two managers!

Unknown said...

Now that school's started my freshman decided he'd like to play football. I doubt they let anyone try out for the team at this time of year? As you and your bananas well know, they're all having games already. I got stuck in football traffic tonight.

I hope you had fun at the game and that your son enjoyed it, too.