Friday, September 4, 2009

Nooooooo.....Not Jeff!!!

Currently Reading: Just finished Barb's Hot Rush. Oh my freaking god...go buy this book! It's excellent and full of humor! Next up: Anny's Rescuing Clarice:)

I'm bummed. Jeff is off to the jury house. And Natalie has a free shot at the final 3! I predict she'll put up Jordan and Michelle.

Got a surprise an hour ago; my hubby walked in the front door! He's offering to take us to dinner tonight before K's game, not just grabbing Hardee's, which is what S and I had planned.

I'm getting bogged down in the details of getting my characters undressed. Hopefully today will be THE DAY, and the rest of the story will flow. D just headed off to sleep, so I've got three hours to myself before football obligations.

Got any plans for the weekend? I think the only thing we're doing is paying bills, grocery shopping, and laundry on my part. Oh yes...and D agreed to 'think about it some more' when I gently asked about paying for RomantiCon! Keep your fingers crossed!

Sorry if my Journey lyrics yesterday drove many of you to drink...once I get my characters into bed, I'll be buying a bottle of wine myself!


Unknown said...

Enjoy dinner out! We have my SIL b-day party tonight and then Sunday we're celebrating my daughter's d-day. But it's a three day weekend, so I'm excited.

Unknown said...

My younger daughter turns 19 tomorrow. I was in labor with her on labor day. :)

She's supposed to have two scrimage softball games tomorrow. It's raining and all yucky out now and we have a tropical something over us, so it might get rained out. We'll have to wait and see.

Star Trek's still at the dollar theater! And now Transformers, too. Most likely we will see at least one of them, probably both.

Plus, I plan to write a lot and blog hop a lot. :)

barbara huffert said...

Wow, Molly! Thank you. I'm so happy you enjoyed it.

Have a great night and let us know who won.

I think I may go in and work at the day job a bit. Yes, such an exciting life I lead.