Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying and Great News:)

Armstrong is about to join a list which includes only himself.
ESPN sportscaster Mark Brown, on cyclist Lance Armstrong

He Blocks...They Drive...Touchdown!
With three minutes to go in the game, W begs me to take him to the restroom. The score was 47-0, and things were looking bleak for our team. I stood up and told my friend M I'd be back. W jumps happily down the bleachers; I followed.

When I reached the bottom, I noticed one of our players had broken a tackle and was heading for the end zone! I yelled for W to wait, and cheered. When the player hit the ground, I resumed following W. The announcer said the ball was now on the 1 yard line, first down.

W and I reached the concession stand; we made a touchdown! I clapped as I followed W into the restroom. When we emerged, our team had also scored the extra point, and the score was 47-7.

W and I climbed back to our seats as our team kicked the ball and play resumed. M says to me excitedly, "K was on the field! K got to play when they made the touchdown! Did you see it?"

"No...I missed it! My baby got to play? Woo hoo!"

Typical...K does well and I missed it! Flash back to third grade: I'm taking my turn in the concession stand during Pee Wee Baseball. Word had just reached me he'd been stung by a bee; I sent up an ice pack (His dad was one of the coaches and one of the moms was an EMT, so I knew he was okay!) Five minutes later, two moms come rushing to the stand.

"Molly! Kyle just hit a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN!"

Apparently, his ball count had been 2-2 (two fouls, two strikes) with the bases loaded. Before the pitch came, D yelled, "Remember the bee..."


Ball went sailing over the opposing teams outfield. His entire team pounced on him when he slid into home plate and headed for the dugout!

And...was anyone recording the game that day?

No. Mom missed the entire thing!

Before he left for practice this morning, I asked him to ask his coach for a copy of the game DVD. Don't know if I'll be allowed to see it, or if I'll have to wait for the next game!

But K's excited; apparently the players who are on the field when they score receive 'V's to put on their helmets. He's going to get his first one today:)

I'm a proud Momma today; can you tell? Have an AWESOME weekend!

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Anny Cook said...

Next time. Really! You'll catch him next time!