Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Flashback: Vacation

Currently Reading: Loved, loved, LOVED Fran's Dictated By Fate! I've already called this a Recommended Read:) I'm currently re-reading Anny Cook's Winter Hearts before I dive into Surpassing Pleasures. I'll actually begin reading this afternoon, so I'll get to SP either this weekend or Monday.

Thanks to all who commented on Kenzie's post yesterday! I think BC will be very pleased:)

We used to take many of our vacations in July, and the summer of 1980 was no exception. After the 4th of July, in which we watched the parade; went to see John Travolta in Urban Cowboy; staked out our spot at Tapawingo Park for the symphony concert; and had The Best Day Ever! My boyfriend, his brother, another friend and I discovered a 'beach', a little spot of sand beside the river, and hung out there until the concert began. We decided this would be 'our spot' every year, as no one else seemed to know about it. (It's the Wabash River and we soon discovered later, very mosquito-invested at dusk!)

Anyway, my fourteen-year-old ego got semi-inflated. When the concert began, a group of older kids from church invited us to sit with them (my boyfriend's older brother among them), and while I'm a little fuzzy on the details, soon it seemed every single boy was fighting for the right to sit beside me. Me! I don't know if it was a private 'dare' to see which lucky two I'd eventually choose, but I do remember sticking up for my boyfriend and acting coy about who should sit at my right. I think I suggested every time the song switched, so should the person. The concert finished with the 1812 Overture and the cannons, followed by the fireworks.

We left for Florida a few days later, and were thrilled when we discovered Sea World was on the agenda! Finally we'd get to 'meet' Shamu, who was also dubbed 'Shampoo' by my sister:) Unfortunately, we did not get selected to receive a kiss from our favorite whale; apparently, the person is pre-selected, and neither of us were it. We did sit in the splash zone and were thoroughly soaked. I LOVED the sea lion and otter show, and were even 'mooned' by a walrus. We also took the ride to the top of a tower and could see Space Mountain at Disney World.

We also toured the Barnum and Bailey Circus Museum and The Sarasota Gardens. And since I'd learned to dive backwards into the pool, I discovered I was entertaining the grounds crew of my grandmother's apartment complex. I caught them 'scoring' me a few times:)

Have a good weekend:) I'll be back tomorrow with the Stupid Saying of the week. Tonight, D's nephew aka 'Oldest Son' is coming into town to see Grandma. We'll probably take him out to dinner, and I have to make a brief appearance at a local art gallery as my friend Tabitha is in town. Her sister has her wonderful photos on display and tonight is the official reception.

Update on MIL:
She was very alert yesterday until she requested pain meds and to be repositioned. Father John had been out to see her (Father Dave is out of town until tonight) and had given her all three sacraments: Confession, Communion, and the Anointing of the Sick. And nearly every single staff member who's ever worked with her has been into see her to tell her how much they love her and to share special memories with us. And her feet look better than they have in years!


Unknown said...

Have a fun weekend!

Linda Kage said...

What memories! I just saw a show on TV the other day about how many mobs of people flooded the Saturday Night Live set to se John when he was filming that.