Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday News

Today I'm guest blogging over at Romance Books R Us. Come on over and see the story behind the story:)

Secondly, the wonderful and somewhat zany Mia Watts will be here tomorrow while I'm at my MIL's funeral, so be nice to her?

Today's schedule is packed. I have to....
-Return the Mass workbook to Fr. Dave (We had to pick out the readings and assign readers, Gift Bearers, someone to read the Prayers of the Faithful, and select up to four hymns.)

-Go back to the nursing home and get the TV, plus talk to the administrative office to see if Mom's jewelry is in the vault. I cannot find her wedding rings. I remember her giving them to me when she was in the hospital, but I'm 95% certain I returned them to her last year. And yes, I've looked everywhere I can possibly think of around our house. (Prayers for this, please...I'm going to have many angry family members if they cannot be found!)

-Walmart for laundry detergent and coffee creamer. Relatives have flooded our house with food; I've not had to cook since Thursday! But the kids continue to work, and no one's stepped forward to help with laundry, so yup...Mom's on it daily.

-Vacuum the living room

-Do the dishes from yesterday

-Make a hotel reservation for my parents, who will be arriving around 3pm

-Decide what the hell I'm going to wear to the wake tonight from 4-8pm

-I DO know what I'm wearing tomorrow to the funeral Mass at 10am.

-Console a grieving husband.

And there's already been some minor stress over the obituary, of all things. If left to an aunt, my SIL would have been left out entirely. I brought up her name; the aunt rolled her eyes, but deferred to my SU's judgment. So she's named as daughter. But while our kids were mentioned, hers were not; nor were the five 'great-grandchildren'. I received an email asking why the eight names had been left out. I responded politely; SU told me to get the person on the phone, where he proceeded to explain his reasons.

When his dad passed in 2000, there were about seven other people mentioned as 'sons and daughters'. People who knew my hubby was an only child kept asking us about the others. This time around, my SU is in NO mood to explain the informal 'adopting' of everyone. And quite frankly, I'm surprised I was even mentioned. My only 'complaint' about the whole thing was my daughter's name was misspelled.

I don't think I was mentioned when my grandmother passed in 1995, so why the uproar over this? I hope there aren't any bad feelings after this is over.

Anyway, I'll be back on Wednesday. Again, welcome Mia tomorrow with open arms and I'll pop in later. Also, play nicely while I'm gone.


Unknown said...

I'll be here to welcome Mia!

Good luck with everything going on. It's a lot. Hugs

Liz Flaherty said...

Sorry for your family's loss. Hope all goes fairly seamlessly.